Oh, how the mighty have fallen... Tyler joins American Idol

Steven Tyler American Idol

Well after months of speculation Steven Tyler, the Aerosmith frontman, has finally, officially disappointed the masses. The guy has to be seriously hurting for money and/or completely over touring (and really, at 62, who could blame him there) to sell out to this degree. Tyler will join Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson for the show's 10th season after original judge, Simon Cowell, decided to leave the program. Fill-in judge, Ellen DeGeneres, was not asked back/left after only one season. Fox has said that they are trying to revamp the show and trying to regain a younger demographic, but I am really uncertain as to how adding an aging Classic Rock star achieves that goal. Aerosmith's most current original material is 2001's Just Push Play, and although it did go platinum, guitarist Joe Perry called it his least favorite record in years. Tell me again how this is going to appeal to the 20 somethings?? Also, Fox has lost the main thing for which people watched the show, Cowell. The caustic element is now no longer present. Tyler almost always has that obscenely large mouth of his stretched ear to ear in the world's biggest grin, Randy Jackson is as about as middle of the road as it gets (he doesn't have a chair, he sits on a fence), and while I can see J-Lo getting a little attitudinal with the contestants, it certainly won't be near what it was. I cannot think of a bigger lose/lose scenario for all parties involved.

This might as well be Joe Montana playing for the Chiefs or Emmitt Smith playing for the Cardinals. Aerosmith's frontman needs to be one place and one place only... IN FRONT OF AEROSMITH.



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Yeah Nick, I gotta agree. Part of me can see the appeal from Idol's perspective - they are getting more and more Daughtry-esque soft rockers who think they are rockers - so having a rock icon on the panel could bring them some rock 'legitimacy'.....except that Tyler has become an old gimmicky version of himself - the dude can't make it through a tour anymore, and is really a plastic version of what he was. Dude looks 400 instead of 60.... Eek