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Year End Wrap Up: The Best Ongoing Comic Book Series of 2012

Creatively, Image Comics still reigns #1 with their hard hitting, adult oriented series offering; but, surprisingly, one of the 'Big Two' publishers had a tremendous impact on me this year with three phenomenal titles by genius writers.

Comic Book Review: THE WALKING DEAD #103

Check out my review of the latest issue of Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard's record breaking Image Comic series The Walking Dead; Available now.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Charlie Adlard Talks THE WALKING DEAD Issue #100 & 'Something to Fear' Storyline

Spoiler Warning: Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard commented on the shocking death of not one but two major characters during the current 'Something to Fear' story arc which recently saw it's latest issue #100 break sales records.

THE WALKING DEAD #100 Gets 2nd Printing; New Cover Art Unveiled

Coming off a whirlwind release day the week of Comic-Con International and supported by special events at comic book stores around the country, THE WALKING DEAD #100 by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard will receive a second printing after selling out of its record-setting first printing. At 383,612 copies, the sales of THE WALKING DEAD #100 were the best initial orders for a single issue of a comic book since 1997.

THE WALKING DEAD #100 Becomes Best-Selling Comic of the 21st Century

Robert Kirkman's Eisner Award-winning The Walking Dead comic series for Image Comics/Skybound reached its milestone 100th issue and instantly sold out of its 383,612 initial orders on July 11th, the same day it was released, effectively becoming the best-selling comic book in initial orders for any publisher since 1997, when Image Comics/Top Cow's The Darkness #11 was released.

Comic Book Review: THE WALKING DEAD #100

Major Spoiler Warning! Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard's seminal issue came out swinging and it did not stop. It didn't even stop when we wanted it to stop and that's why this landmark book is not only the best selling comic of the 21st century, it's one of the most important pieces of writing and art that this entertainment medium has ever seen.

Cassie’s Image Comics Review: THE WALKING DEAD #99

The Alexandria Safe-Zone is dealing with the death of one of their own, while Rick struggles to find a solution to deal with gang leader Negan. Through their friend’s death, the others are able to deal with their own inner demons, make peace with each other and finally settle on a plan to protect themselves and their community.

Cassie’s Image Comics Review: THE WALKING DEAD #98

Things continue to heat up, as Rick is faced with more threats from Negan’s gang and one of his own loses their life. Just as things are looking up in the world, everything comes crashing down around the survivors in the second issue this month. High on action and violence, “Something to Fear” is the arc that will change everything.

Cassie’s Image Comics Review: THE WALKING DEAD #97

After hearing about the new nemesis/the Big Bad Negan, Rick and company come across a faction of his gang, sending them a message to take back to their leader. Back at the Alexandria Safe-Zone, things are tense for Abraham and Eugene, who plan to find ways to make their own ammunition, while Maggie keeps a secret, and everyone eagerly awaits the return of the others.

Cassie’s Image Comics Review: THE WALKING DEAD #96

Rick has shown the people of the Hilltop just what things are like on the outside of their walls, and their leader Gregory has his life to thank for it. However, things aren’t as idyllic as they seem, as we learn about a dangerous faction called the Saviors, who bully the people of the Hilltop, taking their supplies and their citizens.