Comic Books

Eric’s IDW Publishing Review: DOCTOR WHO #16

The conclusion to Joshua Hale Fialkov's guest run on Doctor Who will resonate with established fans of the property, but it probably won't win any new ones. Still, it should satiate the hunger of those waiting for the familiar roar of the TARDIS to return to their TV screens.

Cassie’s Image Comics Review: SUPER DINOSAUR #10

Doc Dynamo doing bad, Super Dinosaur with a new sidekick, a talking dinosaur man, the possible destruction of earth. This is a game changing issue of the always campy and constantly fun Super Dinosaur. From here on out the plot will be focused on this main storyline, with its implications affecting the fate of the human race.

Cassie’s Dark Horse Comics Review: CREEPY #8

Originally a horror anthology started in the 1960’s, the new generation of Creepy strives to breath fresh life into the old series. Still hosted by Uncle Creepy and featuring horrifying stories in stark black and white, the five tales in this collection are bone-chilling examples of what horror should be. From succubi to HP Lovecraft, this series has it all.

Eric’s Image Comics Review: PETER PANZERFAUST #3

Peter Panzerfaust continually builds upon itself up and has yet to reach its tumult. Kurtis J. Wiebe and Tyler Jenkins have created a constantly clever, engaging, and kinetic adventure that's appropriate for all ages!

Cassie’s Image Comics Review: ALPHA GIRL #2

It’s the zombie apocalypse, and only woman are affected, tracking the scent of men and eating them. Punk rocker Judith, who has been selling her fluids for extra cash seems to be right in the middle of it, as she struggles to escape, and the readers struggle to figure out the point of it all in this riff on 80’s horror. Women beware; your empowerment is about to be stomped on.

Cassie’s Dark Horse Comics Review: LOBSTER JOHNSON: THE BURNING HAND #4

The mob has put a hit on Lobster Johnson’s men and are also pursuing the clawed crusader himself, hiring a supernatural arsonist and his lover to destroy the vigilante once and for all. Relying on elements of noir fiction such as cheesy one-liners on Lobster’s end and with reporter Cindy Tynan working her hardest to save the men for once, this issue turns all our preconceived notions on their heads.

Cassie’s Dark Horse Comics Review: ORCHID #6

In this Tomo Wolfe centric issue we get some back story into the leader of Fortress Penuel and the rumblings of a second rebellion from the conceived arrival of General China. We get glimpses into class differences, what it takes to rule in this new world, and exactly how the old ways helped put a megalomaniac in power. Even after the apocalypse we’re still ruining things for everyone else.

Marvel Comics Preview: Peter Parker Meets Miles Morales in SPIDER-MEN

This June, it’s time for Peter Parker, better known as the Amazing Spider-Man, to cross worlds and meet Miles Morales…the all-new Spider-Man? This June, swing into action with world’s most amazing super heroes in Spider-Men #1.

Cassie’s Image Comics Review: SAGA #2

The planet of Landfall and its moon Wreath are at war, and Alana an agent of Landfall has given birth to Marko, a moonie’s child. Both worlds have sent out assassins to kill the couple and take their child, before word of their rebellion reaches the other citizens. In a race against time, Marko and Alana struggle to get off the planet Cleave before it’s too late, meeting horror after horror along the way.

Eric’s IDW Publishing Review: G.I. JOE VOL 2 #12

Despite a few dialog stumbles, G.I. Joe Vol. 2 #12 is a great example of IDW salvaging the childhoods of a generation through comics while cynical attempts at cash ins are continually announced for the cinema. Chuck Dixon's tale has emotional resonance, subtle villainy, and guys with strangely specific code names.