BOOM Studios

Eric's Boom! Studios Comic Review: SNARKED #4

With a firm grasp of the English language and a lizard version of Steve Buscemi, Snarked #4 might be a bit wasted if relegated as merely a kid's book. Robert Langridge has some solid comedy and swashbuckling on display with this great comic.

Eric's Boom! Studios Comic Review: IRREDEEMABLE #32

Even though Irredeemable #32 doesn't deliver the fight promised on the cover, it is still a testament as to why people continuously return to superhero comics. There's a lot of depth here and an excellent story to be read.

Eric's Boom! Studios Comic Review: VALEN THE OUTCAST #1

One dollar can't buy much these days, but this week Boom! is offering up Valen the Outcast #1 for that very price. Add the fact that the story and characters are pretty good and it makes a worthy addition to any pull list. With a few tweaks it could even be great!

Eric's Boom! Studios Comic Review: PLANET OF THE APES #8

Planet of the Apes #8 has the great dialog and characters since the series' beginning, yet suffers from a lack of deliberate pacing and connectivity of plot elements. It's still entertaining, but less satisfying than it could be.

Eric's Boom! Studios Comic Reviews: PLANET OF THE APES #6

A series as strong as BOOM!'s Planet of the Apes would have to hit some speed bumps at some point, right? Not this week! Darryl Gregory writes an Iraq War parallel without being preachy, but resonates all the same. It's wonderfully written and doesn't look half bad either.

Boom! Studios Comic Reviews: Darkwing Duck #15 & Soldier Zero #11

BOOM! Studios places the Duck Knight in the middle of the political arena as hilarity ensues and their premier armor wearing superhero in the middle of a bunch of aliens as fighting ensues find which is more successful than the other in each endeavor in this round of reviews.

Eric's Boom! Studios Comic Reviews: Elric #1 & Irredeemable #27

This week, Boom! Studios traverses parallel universes and punches itself back in time to bring some fine comics.

Eric's Boom! Studios Comic Reviews: Incorruptible #19 & Amory Wars #12

This week, Boom! Studios brings forth some quality entries into its anti-hero tale pondering the reality of justice and its epic cosmic battle from some of comicdom's most prolific and well-known writers.

Eric's Boom! Studios Comic Reviews: Dracula: The Company of Monsters #11, Planet of the Apes #3, The Traveler #8

This week Boom! Studios pits vampire against vampire, unleashes those "damn, dirty apes," and travels back in time to the Lee/Kirby era of comics.

Eric's Boom! Studios Comic Reviews: Malignant Man #3, Soldier Zero #9, Darkwing Duck #13, 28 Days Later #24

This week Boom! Studios brings forth the most awesome cancer ever, an escape in the beautiful wilds of Washington State, unleashes the Duck Knight, and elaborates the eternal struggle of man and zombie.