Images from THE AVENGERS New Mexico Set Reveal an Indian Marketplace

Taken in Albuquerque, New Mexico this past week, the photos reveal a train yard which has been converted to mimic store fronts from South Asia.

Videos Taken on the New York Set of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Capture Web-Slinging Action

The latest spy videos showing filming of the upcoming Spider-Man reboot have Andrew Garfield's stunt double performing dangerous wire work over the city streets.

Andrew Garfield Suits Up for Action on THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Set

New images from the New York City set of the upcoming Spider-Man film show Peter Parker himself sneaking off to don his costume before filming a few action scenes.

Rob Zombie's LORDS OF SALEM to Feature Evil Radio & Concert

More plot details have unearthed for the upcoming witches' revenge film from the twisted mind of the heavy metal musician turned film director.

Video from THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Set Showcases High-Flying Stunt Work

Director Marc Webb has decided to use as much practical web-slinging as possible for his Spider-Man movie reboot, some of which was captured on video last night in New York City.

Costumed Stuntman Shows Off His Web-Slinging Skills on THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Movie Set

A second batch of images taken in New York City last night from the set of the upcoming Spider-Manfranchise reboot showcases the practical effects being used to capture the action.

Photos from THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Set Show More Web-Slinging Action

Spider-Man suited up in New York City last night to film an action-packed scene for the upcoming franchise reboot from director Marc Webb.

New Set Pics from THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Feature Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone

New images of Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy have appeared online for director Marc Webb's Spider-Man reboot which began filming in New York City this weekend.

First Photos from the Set of CLASH OF THE TITANS 2

Filming for the second installment, which stars Sam Worthington, Ralph Fiennes and Liam Neeson is currently underway and thanks to Spanish site Tumba Abierta fans can get a glimpse of it's set.

THE HOBBIT News: Dean O'Gorman & Lee Pace Join the Cast; Hugo Weaving Visits Peter Jackson on Set

Jackson has confirmed two new additions to the film's cast and offers an image of himself next to a very familiar face who recently visited the New Zealand set.