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TOP 5 Most Anticipated New TV Series of 2014

After True Detective set the bar at such a staggering high with it's series debut in 2014, I figured we should take a look at what's in store for the rest of the year on the small screen. That answer may surprise you…. Horror.

Six Specialty Liquors & Festive Cocktail Recipes to Help You Celebrate Valentine's Day

Be it whiskey, tequila, champagne, gin or specialty liqueurs, the right cocktail offers another bit of festivity to spending your Valentine's Day with that special someone. Here are a few colorful recipes that will bring a delectable touch to your romantic holiday.

Superheroes, Dragons & Nazis: Our Most Anticipated Movies of 2014

The Gotham News staff have once again compiled their top five most anticipated movies of the year. Just like last year a few of us share the same titles in our lists, including a WWII drama, a superhero sequel and the second installment of a spectacular animated franchise.

Top 10 Best Dressed Actresses on the Golden Globes Red Carpet

From plunging necklines and 20s-era glitz, the red carpet of the Golden Globe Awards was teeming with some of the best high fashion gowns of the season. Here are our picks for the best dresses actresses of the night.

Milagro Tequila Hot Cocktail Recipes

Milagro Tequila was founded in 1997 by Danny Schneeweiss and Moy Guindi, and has quickly escalated into one of the world’s leading tequila brands with one foot in tradition and the other in the future, combining the finest old-world techniques and traditions and applying modern technologies and processes to produce a superior product.

Year in Review: The Best & Most Disappointing Music Albums of 2013

I've come to the conclusion that 2013 is the year when pop music died thanks to Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. Indie rock is the new norm, for some terrifying reason, as Arcade Fire and Vampire Weekend became more common than The Black Keys. Rap is more contrived than ever thanks to Kanye West and Jay-Z's bloated egos and mediocre albums. And overall the music has suffered greatly because of it all making this past year far weaker in my eyes than 2012.

Year in Review: The Best & Worst Movie Trailers of 2013

Understatement of the year: I watch a lot of trailers. I have to for work, and I like to for fun. These are the trailers released this year that really stuck with me, both for good and bad reasons.

Year in Review: The Best of Comics in 2013

There have been many great comics this year and I've found that each and every one I've become hooked on or continue to be engrossed in have less to do with superheroes and more to do with dark, fantasy tales. As a publisher, Image Comics reigns supreme in 2013.

Year in Review: Top 10 Television Shows of 2013

2013 was an astounding year for television. There were so many new and impressive shows that it made my top 10 choices extremely difficult to nail down. Netflix made a big impact with House of Cards and a new comedy from the creator of Weeds which I consider to be the network's best series: Orange is The New Black. This was my most difficult year-end editorial yet… even if my top choice was simultaneously the easiest decision in years.

Year in Review: Top 10 Movie Posters of 2013

Among the continuous stream of poor Photoshop jobs and repetitive ensemble cast mosaics used to promote the majority of 2013 movies you can find some truly inspired and memorable poster art. Here are my picks for the best ones of the year.