Random BLAM! HOME ALONE Zombie Christmas

Macaully Culkin stars in this post-apocalyptic thriller about a young boy all alone at Christmas who is attacked by zombie vampires.

Random BLAM! 1982 TRON Holiday Special

Starring most of your favorite TRON characters (and Light Bikes!!!), take a look at this "unearthed" Christmas special spreading holiday cheer direct from the Grid.

TRON: UPRISING Animated Series Updates Reveal Connection to TRON Movies

Tron: Legacy writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz offered up some details on Tron: Uprising which will air on Disney XD. The show is set to debut in the summer of 2012, featuring an all-star voice cast.

TRON: LEGACY Director Discusses Possible Plot Points for Sequel

Spoiler Warning: Joe Kosinski drops a few hints at what characters may have larger roles in the next installment of Walt Disney's TRON franchise.

Bryan's Movie Review: TRON: LEGACY IMAX 3D

I decided to give the Walt Disney sequel the full treatment and went to the IMAX 3D screening. The movie is visually stunning in many areas but, unfortunately, there are not many bright spots for this reviewer after that.

TRON: LEGACY 101 A Beginner's Guide

The fellows over at has put together a user guide of important details for those who are heading to see TRON: LEGACY in theaters but have never seen the original film.

Pietro's Movie Review: TRON LEGACY

Going into this sequel with the nostalgia of the original TRON coursing through my veins may not have been a wise decision; as I found this film, though visually dynamic and captivating, lacking the thing that made the 1982 movie so memorable: originality and full of heart.

Free Advanced Screenings for TRON: LEGACY Tonight in Select Cities

Walt Disney Pictures is offering fans in Denver, Los Angeles, Toronto, Orlando and several other major cities the chance to see the sci-fi sequel several days early!

Official Music Video For Daft Punk's DEREZZED From TRON: LEGACY

Daft Punk have released the title track to their soundtrack for the Walt Disney sequel Tron: Legacy, which features a cameo by actress Olivia Wilde.

DAFT PUNK Talk TRON: LEGACY Soundtrack; In Stores Dec.7

Daft Punk recently spoke in detail about providing the soundtrack to the upcoming Tron: Legacy and what to expect from the techno duo when the album lands in stores December 7th.