Eric's Boom! Studios Comic Review: SNARKED #4

With a firm grasp of the English language and a lizard version of Steve Buscemi, Snarked #4 might be a bit wasted if relegated as merely a kid's book. Robert Langridge has some solid comedy and swashbuckling on display with this great comic.

Eric's Archaia Comics Review: JIM HENSON'S THE STORYTELLER (Hardcover)

Somewhere, I hope that Jim Henson is smiling down to see this excellent comic that bears his name. With scares, thrills, tricks and magic, The Storyteller captures the wonder that made the show such a treat for audiences young and old.

Eric's Image Comics Review: ALL NIGHTER #5

While nuance is an underestimated and underused quality in the comics medium, David Hahn shows how it can be a powerful tool as he concludes his five part story in a way that is both fulfilling, touching, and artful. All Nighter #5 is rare natural beauty of sober storytelling.

Eric's KaBoom! Comic Review: WordGirl: Coalition of Malice

WordGirl: Coalition of Malice is a book every comic loving parent should buy for his/her child and, then, another copy for the local school. Aunts and uncles can't go wrong either to lure kids to an addiction of their favorite medium. All the while, the adults might find themselves chuckling as they sneakily educate their progeny.

Eric's Comic Review: Power Lunch Book 1: First Course

Comics were first brought to prominence as a source of light entertainment and propaganda during the Depression and World War II eras of American history to provide heroes, convey a sense of hope, and propagate national policy against the popular isolationist idealism of the time. Since then, graphic storytelling has expanded into several genres showing itself a unique medium as compared against any other, has become an overwhelming presence at the cinema, and has broken through its niche trappings to become a cultural phenomena. As a continuation of this ever-pressing dominance of the social landscape, creators, academic, librarians, etc. are petitioning the public to take comics seriously as an educational tool. Power Lunch by J. Torres (Alison Dare, Batman: Brave and the Bold) makes such a case as it revels in linguistic simplicity and carries upon itself a message that should resonate with children, parents, and school staff.


Marvel Comics has released preview pages for Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man, written by Paul Tobin. The issue hits stores June 22, 2011.

Eric's Top Shelf Comics Review: Okie Dokie Donuts

Creating good children's literature is a more difficult task than it may seem at surface. The target audience can lose interest quickly. Conflict must be presented in a way that moves the plot along, yet doesn't reek of cynicism or overly-explicit danger. Also, parents want to know what they are reading to their kids is worthwhile. A very delicate balance must be achieved to reach each goal, which is what has happened to a large degree with Okie Dokie Donuts.

Eric's Boom! Studios Comic Reviews: Starborn #6, Farscape #19, & Donald and Friends #366

Boom! Studios brings forth its original space tech gauntlet wielding superhero as he discovers who he really is working for, forms a rag-tag alliance against space baddies, and sails the high seas with Donald Duck.


BOOM! Studios has released preview pages for Donald Duck & Friends #366, written by Giampaolo Barosso Abramo. The issue hits stores May 11, 2011.

Marvel Comics Preview: MARVEL ADVENTURES #14

Marvel Comics has released preview pages for Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #14: Thor, written by Todd Dezago. The issue hits stores May 11, 2011.