Fantastic Four Reboot News Roundup

Although Fox is still a year away from beginning production on their new Fantastic Four movie franchise, several actors and actresses have already been linked to the main roles; and three possible directors have been revealed.


Over the past week, news about 20th Century Fox's relaunch of their superhero property, the Fantastic Four, has been abundant. Here's a quick recap of the potential candidates the studio is currently considering, and their respective roles:

- Production is tentatively set to begin in May 2011, for a summer 2012 theatrical release.

- The team's origin story (and transformation) will take place during the opening credits of the film (similar to Marvel Studio's The Incredible Hulk).

Possible Directors: David Yates (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 1 & 2), Joe Carnahan (The A-Team) and James McTeigue (V for Vendetta).

Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic (previously portrayed by Ioan Gruffudd): Adrien Brody, Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Susan Storm/Invisible Woman (previously portrayed by Jessica Alba): Alice Eve, Amber Heard

Johnny Storm/Human Torch (previously portrayed by Chris Evans): Kevin Pennington

Victor Von Doom/Doctor Doom (previously portrayed by Julian McMahon): Stephen Moyer

The next tidbit of news truly seems to indicate the studio is taking this franchise relaunch seriously; since the actor they want does not come cheap. Though an offer has yet to be put out, Fox is very interested in pursuing Bruce Willis to provide the voice of their completely CG Thing; as well as stand in for few, brief scenes the character appears in human form during the opening credits. If their pursuit of Willis does not work out, Kiefer Sutherland (of the TV series 24) is their next choice. Either one of these actors would bring attention to a franchise that had oddly lacked any star power in the previous two films.

In the two previous, Fox-produced Fantastic Four movies, The Thing was portrayed by a rubber suit clad Micheal Chiklis. Though the quality of the suit and makeup Chiklis wore increased between of the first and second films, many fans were still disappointed in it's "obviously fake" appearance; as well as the diminutive physical size the character was reduced to.

According to the current Marvel comics continuity, the character Benjamin "Ben" Grimm was born on Yancy Street in New York City's Lower East Side. Ben had an early life of poverty and hardship, shaping young Grimm into a tough, streetwise scrapper. His older brother Daniel, whom Ben idolized, was killed in a street gang fight when Ben was eight years old. Excelling in football as a high school student, Ben received a full scholarship to Empire State University, where he meets his eventual life-long friend in a teenage genius named Reed Richards, as well as future enemy Victor Von Doom. After finishing college, having earned multiple advanced degrees in engineering, Grimm joins the United States Marine Corps, where he is trained as a test pilot. Following this, he crossed over into the United States Air Force and becomes an astronaut for NASA. This was all before the fateful accident in space which caused him to transform into The Thing.

Fox has already decided to integrate a completely computer generated version of The Thing into their next Fantastic Four film, so landing the right voice actor is a crucial aspect. No word yet if either Willis or Sutherland have yet to received offers from the studio. Either way, it seems this Fantastic Four film is moving ahead rather quickly; whether it is in the right direction is a matter of personal opinion.




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I personally like the idea of Sutherland as The Thing more than Willis, but both are awesome choices so I wouldn't be disappointed with either.

Pietro Filipponi  |  Managing Editor

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InstigatorGIRL wrote:

I personally like the idea of Sutherland as The Thing more than Willis, but both are awesome choices so I wouldn't be disappointed.

Totally agree on the second part. This film is shaping up rather nicely! As long as they nail a balance between science and magic for Doom, tone down the camp (i.e. "Let's go for a spin..") and showcase the team's powers a bit more I'll be a happy camper.

But, I'm on Team Willis! Love that guy

Bryan Kritz  |  Managing Editor

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OK, I'm on board with Willis getting the gig but I don't see Sutherland as Thing at all. He has a good voice, maybe too good for Thing. Thing is no dummy but he's a big palooka, joe everybody type. Does this sound like Thing to you?


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LMAO. No I guess not... Shy

Interesting John  |  Web Developer

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I'm digging Willis as Thing, but I really thought Michael Chiklis owned the role, he did a great job.