Supernatural Season Six Promotional Images

Warner Bros. and the CW have released official promotional photos for the premiere episode of season; titled, "Exile On Main Street." This season's time frame takes place one year after the finale of season five.

Dean has officially retired from hunting and is trying to live a normal civilian life with his girlfriend Lisa and her son Benjamin. Dean's retirement also means the retirement of the beloved Impala. Executive Producer Sera Gamble had this to say about Dean and the Impala,

“[Dean]‘s not driving the Impala. It’s under a tarp, and when he needs something from the trunk, he just lifts up the edge. It’s torturous!… The Impala represents everything to Dean — it represents his childhood, and more to the point, it represents hunting and it represents Sam. He’s not a hunter anymore and his brother is dead, so it’s under a tarp and he’s living a different life.”

Gamble also discusses how Dean has changed during his time with Lisa and how it shows in the new season:

“Dean’s driving force has always been his devotion to his family. He puts family above all else. We knew that no matter what his connection was to Lisa, or how wonderful she was, or great the sex was, it’s about family. For Dean it’s not about wanting to be with Lisa as much as it’s about wanting to be part of a family unit.

Our goal is to have Dean be an adult. He’s in his early thirties at this point, and Lisa is a real character with a point of view and a child who’s in the mix here — a child who really loves Dean.

If you’ve been in a relationship of any length, it has stakes, to the point where you’re living with someone and you’re raising their child with them. There’s real affection there, so you don’t just pack up your sh*t and go, even if you really need to go — it’s a conversation for them both to have.”


In the released promo pictures we see the return of Mike Pileggi as Samuel Campbell, who is the grandfather of the Winchester brothers and the father of their mother, Mary. He and his wife Deanna were killed in the episode, "In the Beginning," by Azazel AKA the Yellow-Eyed Demon. It is yet unknown as to how or why Grandpa Campbell is back, and that goes the same for Sam Winchester. In the finale, Sam Winchester threw himself into hell along with Lucifer, who was trapped inside his body. It is unknown by fans and even Jared Padalecki himself as to how it happened, but he did have this to say about Sam's return:

“Sam didn’t get out of Hell and like Dean, go straight to Bobby’s house and go like ‘Hey, I’m back what do I do?’. Sam kinda like went ‘Dean’s out of it.’ Dean, right now is with a woman and a kid. He’s living a normal life so I’m gonna let him do that… [Sam] tries to let Dean have the life that Sam always wanted.

I think Sam was like, ‘Dean thinks I’m dead, it hurts, I love the guy, he’s my brother, but he’ll be happier without me.’ So Sam has been hunting on his own and now they’re reconverging.”

He also talks about the apparent role-reversal between the brothers, making his comparisons to the characters in season one,

“[Sam’s] not somebody who is heartless. He’s tactical first, like Dean was in Season One. He’s somebody who’s like, ‘It sucks that the mother of these two kids is possessed by a demon, but she’s possessed by a demon. We have to kill her.’ Dean’s going like ‘Woah, woah, woah! Weren’t you the one who’s like ‘Wait, let’s solve things. Let’s talk.’ [Sam] is less emotional now. He’s driven by reason.

"Sam has died. So has Dean. They’ve both been to Hell. They’ve both been to Heaven. So [I’ve] just accepted that death don’t mean nothing to Sam. So I think Sam has accepted the fact or at least resigned himself to the idea that normalcy is just not in the cards for him. That it’s his job. It’s a tough lot in life, but it’s nice that he gets to help people very tangibly. So I think Sam has found solace and comfort in the fact that he’s doing something; His legs are moving; He’s accomplishing objectives.”

The sixth season of Supernatural premieres on September 24, 2010 @9pm on the CW Network


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