Murdered Thundercats Writer Update: Police Charge Roommate with the Crime

Stephen Perry, who was a writer for the cult classic shows Thundercats and Silverhawks went missing in May of this year. He was declared a victim of homicide later on after some limbs and last month, a torso was found and identified as Perry's.


The crime is a gruesome one, be warned as some of the details can be considered graphic.

After Perry went missing, his abandoned van was found May 16 at a hotel in Tampa and a severed arm was near the scene. Miles over more remains were found in a dumpster by a gas station. Two people of interest were both in custody on unrelated drug charges and one of them is now being charged with the murder of Perry. 45-year-old James William Davis, who was a roommate of Perry's has been charged with the heinous crime. Davis' wife is being investigated and may also be charged with murder when all the evidence comes together.

davis - the bad guy
The accused: James Davis

Perry had spent a lot of time being homeless and living in his van with his five year old son and was fighting cancer last year while an LA based charity dubbed the Hero Initiative put in the call for help to raise money and pay for his medical bills.

"Things looked so bleak a year ago, and now I'm back on my feet, at least for now," said Perry.

He was quoted saying this a couple months before he went missing and said he had hoped to start writing again. His son Leo is with the mother, Krystal Carrol. who although was separated from Perry and in another relationship with a carnival worker and friend of Perry's, still feels overwhelmed with grief. Carrol had also said in the weeks before Perry went missing, that Perry was scared for his life and mentioned that his roommates had taken over the home.

Finally Perry can rest in peace with his murderer hopefully brought to justice soon.

Stephen Perry