New Episodes of The Venture Bros Beginning September

After a slight delay, Adult Swim's The Venture Bros. will be returning this upcoming Sunday, September 12th to continue the second half of it's 16 episode fourth season.

Series creator Christopher McCulloch aka Jackson Publick (his pseudonym writing credit for The Venture Bros.) commented on the show's return via his live Blog.


"We think you're really going to like these next eight episodes. We liked the last eight a whole lot, and we think these are better. For those of you who didn't like the last eight,"

"Well...I can safely say these new ones have more of the things you thought were missing from the last ones, less of the things you thought there was too much of, and quite a few new and unexpected twists," said Publick.

Publick voices many of the show's main characters, most notably Hank Venture and The Monarch. He talked about the season finale and how it was recently edited.

"About a week ago, we received the first rough cut footage of the first half of the hour-long season finale episode--which we watched and re-watched with eagle eyes looking for all the mistakes, big and small, and then typed up our usual fourteen page list of retakes,"

"In a little less than two weeks we'll receive the first take of the second half (as well as the second take of the first half) and we'll repeat the same thing," said Publick.


The Venture Bros. is an adult oriented cartoon that centers around the futuristic adventures of Dr. Venture and his two sons Hank and Dean. His bodyguard Brock Samson and the villainous Monarch are huge parts of the show as well as more recently Sgt. Hatred, the family's new bodyguard who is an ex-super-villain and reformed pedophile. The show is loaded with tons of comic book humor and old cartoon nostalgia.

Here is the trailer for the second half of Season Four:



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Sweet! I love me some Venture Bros.

That Captain Sunshine episode was hysterical. Especially with Kevin Conroy voicing the pedophile Captain Sunshine. "WONDERBOY!!!!" LOL Tongue

Interesting John  |  Web Developer

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DO WANT!!! I want more eps like "Orb", I loved that one.


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This show was the best animated adult-oriented cartoon ever! I'm one of those guys that just doesn't laugh at anything, but its rare that I'm not laughing at this show.
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