Soundgarden Re-united, Releasing New Compilation Album

The epic grunge outfit has been back together since April of this year and are looking to release Telephantasm on September 28th, a collection of past Soundgarden songs, including never before released track "Black Rain."

Lead singer Chris Cornell doesn't look at the reunion as a big deal; he likes to think of the 13 year separation from the other band members, drummer Matt Cameron, guitarist Kim Thayil and bassist Ben Shepherd, simply as a hiatus.


"You know, we did officially break up, but it honestly doesn't feel like we broke up and now we've reformed. It's hard to explain, but it feels like we've just sort of always been a band and we just took a long break and now we're back together."

Cornell does mention that even though he and his band members have been on good terms since the break-up, the journey into his solo career wasn't an easy transition.

"It was mentally, physically, and spiritually a f****d-up point in my life. I was waking up and drinking a glass of vodka just to get a dial tone. My marriage wasn't working at all, and rather than face that, I turned to constant inebriation and then drugs."

The never before released tune "Black Rain" was recorded during the Badmotorfinger sessions in 1991, so look for that heavy vintage Soundgarden vibe. The album Telephantasm will be released in three editions. The first one-disc standard edition, in addition to being released in stores, is also being packaged for free in North America with the first one million copies of the new Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock game for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii. The second and third editions will have an expanded track list and a DVD of music videos respectively.

Susan Silver, who is Cornell's ex-wife and Soundgarden manager, also says the re-uniting of the group was partly due to the failure of Cornell's latest solo album Scream; which was considered by many to be a critical and commercial mess.

"Chris didn't have anywhere else to go. His solo career was so unfocused that he started to modify his behavior to make this work and earn the other guys' trust back."

The band is back and although there are no current plans to record new music; although, according to Cornell, there is more touring in the works, a live album and possibly more B-sides on the horizon.

"It would be exciting to record one song to hear howSoundgarden-ish that might be this much time later. But for me, it's been more of a trip relearning the songs and playing them together. Some of the songs we're approaching we've never played live."


Here is the cover and standard edition track listing of Telephantasm, due to be released in stores September 28th, 2010:

1. "Hunted Down"
2. "Hands All Over"
3. "Outshined"
4. "Rusty Cage"
5. "Birth Ritual"
6. "Black Hole Sun"
7. "Spoonman"
8. "My Wave"
9. "Fell on Black Days"
10. "Burden in My Hand"
11. "Blow Up the Outside World"
12. "Black Rain"



SLCpunk801's picture

In my youth Wink "black hole sun" is what turned me on to music. That wasn't Sinatra ( thanks grandma )

And I didn't even know of this. I am getting old lol. Great news thanks Kev!!


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It'll be a helluva lot better than 'Scream' - that was one of the worst albums of the decade.....pure garbage. It'll be good to hear some old school grunge again - curious to hear if they've still got it....

And 'Black Hole Sun' is an epic tune....on my playlists to this day....

NickinDallas  |  Correspondent

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I didn't appreciate Soundgarden until much later in their career. I was holding a grudge against them (but more so Nirvana) for killing my beloved hair-metal and ushering in the depressing, angst ridden dreck that was grunge. No, really, I'm better now. For my money, give me 'Fell on Black Days' over 'Black Hole Sun'. Oh, and if you haven't heard Johnny Cash sing 'Rusty Cage' you must go get that song ASAP. It's on Unchained and I can't recommend it enough.