Linkin Park Struggling with Fans' Mixed Reactions to New Album

Linkin Park's new album, A Thousand Suns, was released this past Tuesday and the band took some time to reflect on the unique record which has some major shifts from their past sound.


Band vocalist and occasional Guitarist Mike Shinoda commented on the backlash to the changes heard on the new album.

"I think a lot of our fans have come from that more, that rock side, and they're hearing the electronic elements and they're going like, 'That sounds like, you know, rave music or whatever to me.'

"When in reality, I think people who listen to rave music are like, 'This doesn't sound like anything I've ever heard.' And that's really nice. I like that fact and I feel like it's bridging a gap, a new gap for us. But also it's just an expression for us of all the cool sounds we can make that hopefully other people have never made," said Shinoda.

Despite the unique reactions that Linkin Park is getting from their audience, the album is still expected to move anywhere from 250,000 to 260,000 copies in it's first week. This may launch them to their fourth consecutive number 1 album. Compared to Linkin Park's previous effort though, this may seem like a significant drop as Minutes To Midnight sold 623,000 in its first week.

Shinoda went to on squash claims that A Thousand Suns is their first concept album saying,

"People asked us if it's a concept record, and in the middle of the process, we were contemplating whether or not that was what we wanted to do. And I think, as we finished it, it became clear that, usually the problem with concept records is, like,the term usually refers to things like The Who's Tommy or ... rock operas and stuff like than that has a narrative. And this doesn't have a narrative; it's more abstract that that," he said.

Like them or not, Linkin Park's current single "The Catalyst", is the band's ninth No. 1 rock radio track and they recently performed that song at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

Linkin Park's A Thousand Suns is in stores now:


Bryan Wolfbane

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I'm gonna feel better ranting about this...

*Takes a deep breath* Okay... F*** THIS ALBUM. What makes me MORE pissed off is when you look inside the booklet, it clearly says "We were not trying to make an album". The f***? They should have put that 'warning' on the front of the damn thing! Oh my God, everyone needs to tell Shinoda to stay the Hell away from producing anything else again that's Linkin Park related. LP was, unfortunately, my first nu-metal band that transformed me into a musician. "Hybrid Theory" is hands down one of the best metal albums of the 90's. Hell, top 100 best metal albums PERIOD. "Meteora" was... well, not Hybrid Theory. Don't get me wrong, I proclaim Meteora as their LAST good album. "Minutes to Midnight"... I don't know, it felt like they were trying TOO hard when they should have made it more natural (watch the making of it and feel what I feel). But this... this piece of crap, I don't know, crap is kinda cruel. This is definitely an 'artsy' album, the band's "Darkside of the Moon", but where they screwed up was they should have WARNED us about it. I kept thinking, "alright, gonna get some heavy jamming stuff!" No, not one bit, not ONE song jammed (with the exception of the single). Once I put the cd in my stero, I've done listened to 7 songs by the time I realized "this is the crappiest song I've ever heard." Yeah, every track sounds the same. Hell, the whole album should have just been ONE track (would have been interesting) and sold it as something else other than an album. I miss Chester's screams, I miss the distorted guitars, I miss the fast pace jamming...

I put the blame on Shinoda... you CAN'T sing so STOP IT.


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I hope Linkin Park struggles themselves right into retirement. The fact that this band, along with bands like Godsmack, Disturbed and Nickelback, have been so successful pretty much destroyed my faith in the rock/metal community and fans. I've never seen such terrible bands who take themselves so seriously. It seriously boggles my mind how these bands have sold so many records. It's really sad.


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That's the thing....Mike says they are producing new cool sounds.THEY ARE MAKING NEW CRAPPY SOUNDS.don't get me wrong..i'm all for experimenting and hoping to move on from one genre....but this is NOT the way to do it.Take Staind for example.comparing thier earlier Heavier music and thier recent music, you can tell the difference, but it's still Beautiful music.Aaron lewis is a genius.This new sound just plain sucks ass.they can try something else, or just go back to GOOD music.