I'm sure many Family Guy fans heard about the "abortion" episode FOX refused to air because of it's "controversial" theme. It has now been released on DVD, packed with a few special features to please any devoted viewer.


Partial Terms of Endearment:

A friend asks Lois to be a surrogate mother for her, and she agrees. But when the friend unexpectedly dies, Lois isn't sure what to do. The family gets into one long debate over the issue.

First off, let me just say that the episode, to me, was no different in terms of "being risque" compared to previous Family Guy episodes. Nothing in it was too outrageous in terms of jokes and scenarios. I think it's ridiculous that FOX refused to air this episode. I understand that abortion is a big issue and being someone who doesn't like to discuss the subject due to it's touchy nature; I found nothing offensive enough to make me turn it off or have a hissy fit. If anyone gets at all offended about anything they say in the episode, repeat after me, "It's Family Guy, this is what the show has done for nine seasons, chillax."


Now the episode starts off really funny. I was laughing so much my eyes teared up, but, sadly, the humor faltered more and more as the episode continued, but picked up again momentarily towards the end but not by much. Overall, not the funniest episode they have produced, but still it's funny. This was just a typical Family Guy episode and while I can see why some people might have gotten offended over some of the dialogue and what not; nothing happened in this episode to make it stand out from the other 147 released episodes.
Now, it seems like Seth McFarlane took some pointers from DC because the special features makes this DVD worth the cash just to add it to any Family Guy collection. The special features include:

-Audio commentary by Seth McFarlane, Danny Smith, Joseph Lee, and Alex Borstein.
*This commentary was pretty funny to listen to because majority of the time they aren't talking about episode. They are talking about other things such as; the Sandra Bullock/Jesse James affair, chinese babies, cats crapping on their legs, etc.

-Animatic for the episode.
*Overall boring, it's the episode before all the final touches are added, but I think those interested in the animation process might find it interesting. Who knows, right?

Family Guy Table Read.jpg

-Family Guy: Live and Uncensored table read.
*This table read was maybe as good as the episode itself. This was a lot of fun to watch. It was fun to hear the audience react to the lines and watch the cast voice act the scenes. Now not all the cast members were there, like Seth Green and Patrick Warburton, but the guy who stood in for them did a pretty good job imitating them. Make sure to check this special feature out.

-Family Guy Presents: Seth & Alex's Almost Live Comedy Show.
*This little feature was a treat. I remember watching this when it aired on FOX and while it's no Family Guy, it's still entertaining to watch. This was something I definitely wanted on DVD and now I can have it for my viewing pleasure when I need a few chuckles. It resembled a lot of the "Carol Burnette Show" which I thoroughly loved watching growing up. I hope they produce more comedy shows in the future.

-9 downloadable original Family Guy Songs.
*What more could any Family Guy ask for. The 9 songs they pick are truly joygasmic. The tracks are:

  • My Fat Baby Loves To Eat
  • Prom Night Dumpster Baby
  • The Friendship Song
  • You and I Are So Awfully Different
  • Me and Jesus
  • You Do
  • You Have AIDS
  • Drunken Irish Dad
  • Give Up the Toad

All are free downloads that you basically just click and they transfer to iTunes. This special feature is just friking sweet. All the songs above are some of my favorites from the series, especially "Prom Night Dumpster Baby," and "Drunken Irish Dad."

To summarize, if you are a Family Guy fan get this DVD for your collection. While the episode may not be as funny as some of the many other episode they have produced, the special features help make this DVD a treat and must have for any fan.

Rating: 3.5



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