Keven Meets The Zombies of THE WALKING DEAD: Part 6

EXCLUSIVE: If there's one thing that's scarier than a zombie, it's a zombified child. 10-year-old Addy Miller will be that very dose of shock when AMC's The Walking Dead arrives this Halloween.


Her scene may be uncomfortable to watch so if you're at all easily disturbed by undead children trying to eat people, The Walking Dead may not be for you. Warning: Minor Spoilers Ahead

Keven: You're only 10 years old so it looks like you'll have a great career if everything works out, what kinds of movies do you want to make as you grow older? Do you want to keep doing horror films?

Addy: Well I don't mind doing some horror, but I like dramas and also want to do a happy movie. I am also interested in some behind the scenes stuff, you know, a crew member.

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Keven: Tell me what it was like playing a zombie and having a gun pointed at you by Andrew Lincoln. He mentioned that he had a hard time with that scene and that everyone was very nice to you during the filming of it - did Andrew say anything to you before or after the scene?

Addy: Well actually yes he did. We were inside in the air conditioning and he said something like

"Let's become friends before I shoot you."

I don't really remember his exact words, but he was really nice and made me feel more at ease. Also after I had all my makeup taken off and went back to set, he said something about knowing I was a pretty girl under all that makeup. (Smiling) I really liked that.

Playing a zombie wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I had actually been a zombie before on another film, but not with the full makeup and the padding for my fall. I wasn't scared of the gun, I knew it was empty because a crew member showed it to me before we did the scene.

Keven: Greg Nicotero is one of the greatest makeup and effects artists of all time, did he do your makeup? What was it like seeing yourself all made up like that, from what we've seen it' pretty horrific and realistic?

Addy: Greg Nicotero is the nicest guy! He designed my makeup. He was who did all my fittings. On the day of my scene, he and his crew worked on me. On set, Greg put on the blood and eye contacts on me. I had about 2 hours with the other guys and about 1 hour with Greg. Seeing my makeup when it was done actually made me a little sick to my stomach. I couldn't look at myself, I thought I looked so scary. Everyone on set kept looking at me and saying how awesome I looked. Greg did a great job and it felt good.

Miller got her first start as an actor by playing a young Dakota Fanning on the film The Secret Life of Bees and she's been hooked ever since. "I got to meet Dakota Fanning. She was great and we got to hang out together on set. I was a little nervous before we started, but afterwards, I wanted to go back and do it again," said Miller.

She lists her favorite actors as Fanning, Joey King, Anne Hathaway and Heather O'Rourke. Her favorite movies are the animated Spirit and new Alice in Wonderland. "I also love the book and movie Ramona and Beezus. Oh and I also like Poltergeist," said Miller.

Keven: Did Frank Darabont give you any advice during your scene? I'm told you are the first zombie that Rick meets in the entire series, is that true?

Addy: Frank gave me some direction for what he wanted and some tips on how to do my scene scarier. I was a little nervous about meeting him. Once he talked to me and told me what he wanted for each part, I felt much better. I am not allowed to talk about the script....... my scene is hush hush. I do not know who Rick sees first.

If you weren't aware of it by now, Miller's scene in the upcoming The Walking Dead will be one of Rick Grimes' very first encounters with a zombie. She plays a little zombie child outside of a gas station, gripping a teddy bear and wearing fuzzy slippers. Rick will be forced with gunning her down as she tries to take a bite out of our hero.

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Keven: Did you get to meet any of the other actors/actresses on the set that day?

Addy: Yes, I got to meet Sarah Wayne Callies on set that day, and her cute dog. She had come by because it was the first day with zombies on set. She came right up to me too. I was so excited because I knew who she was from Prison Break. I also got to meet Gale Anne Hurd and a lot of the other crew members - I don't remember their names. Oh and of course I was with Andrew Lincoln.

Keven: Since you're fairly young, are you going to be watching The Walking Dead when it comes out this Halloween?

Addy: Of course - I have to watch myself on TV (laughing). I actually read the comic them! I am waiting for volume 13 to come out now.

Keven: What was your favorite memory from working on the show with the cast and crew?

Addy: The stunts for sure! I had so much fun. It was the first time I went through stunt training and got to do that on camera. I had pads everywhere on my body too, and the stunt teacher worked with me practicing on every break to make sure I would not get hurt. I also liked it when Frank Darabont jumped up and get excited and dance after my scenes. It really made me feel good. He was so funny. Working with Greg also was a great memory and he is the one person I miss most from being on set.

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Keven: Do you have any upcoming movies or TV shows that fans can look out for in the future?

Addy: Well I am about to shoot the webseries Executive Order and I am still working on an indie film called Remnants. Next weekend I shoot a short film too. I can't really say about some auditions and callbacks right now. Oh and I have a music video coming out soon (that I act in, not sing) and an indie movie One Last Sunset, where I am a zombie, is also being released to DVD on Halloween.

You can check out more of Addy Miller at her Facebook Fan Page or read up on her on IMDB.

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Ok, I'm officially creeped out. Thanks for the nightmares Kev!

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Big Grin

Larry Mainland

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I remember meeting Addy the day of the gas station shoot. She really is as sweet and pretty as she looks and sounds here, although that day she was also scary as h*ll, lol.

She will go far in this business....


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Addy was a pleasure to work with. She is a sweetie and has a lot going for her. Lots of talent in that sweet little girl!


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Addy Miller is by far one of the most naturally talented and instinctual actresses that I've had the priviledge of working with. And the fact that she's so young , compacts this significance even further. Cool She possesses all of the qualities to become one of our industry's top artists. Congrats , Addy ! Here's to the future Wink

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