Lou Ferrigno Talks HULK and Lending his Voice for THE AVENGERS Film

Collider caught up with Lou Ferrigno at the New York Comic Con and the actor shared his opinions on past film incarnations of the Hulk and his thoughts on the upcoming Avengers film to which he'll be lending his voice for the big green monster.


Ferrigno will be lending his voice-over for a CGI Hulk in the upcoming Joss Whedon directed The Avengers, but confirms that he's still not fully up to date on the still assembling mega project.

"Yeah, I’ll be doing the voice (of The Hulk). I’m hoping to have a good part in the movie. I’m waiting to see the script, but right now, it’s still pending because they haven’t finished production yet," said Ferrigno.

He also commented on the new addition to the ever changing role of Hulk's human counterpart Bruce Banner and had strong words for Mark Ruffalo.

"I think he’s a great actor. I think he’s a great choice. My only problem is that they keep changing (the actor) Banner. I don’t know the situation with Eric Bana because maybe he had a one-picture deal, but I think Mark (Ruffalo) is a wonderful actor and I think he’ll be, he’ll be a great Banner," said Ferrigno.

As for the last actor to play Banner on film, Ed Norton, Ferrigno also liked his performance and related it more closely to the TV show version of Hulk, Bill Bixby, to which Ferrigno cemented his legacy as the original Hulk himself. He then went on to say why he thinks the first two Hulk films weren't as succesful as other Marvel properties.

"Because it’s not human and you can’t connect with the Hulk because it’s CGI. It needs to be more emotional. It’s very hard with CGI," said Ferrigno.

On an off-topic note, Ferrigno then switched comic universes and commented on DC's biggest name, Superman, and revealed that he thinks Eric Bana should land the role in the Zack Snyder helmed project.



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