Zack Snyder Talks About XERXES Battle Scene

Zack Snyder is still writing Xerxes, which will act as a spin-off to the highly successful comic book adapted 300 and described in detail a major war which will be fought in the film.


Snyder is writing the movie while Frank Miller (writer of 300) is also working on the Xerxes miniseries at the same time. It looks like the comic will differ this time than Snyder's film. Miller's comic takes place over a period of 10 years and features gods while Snyder's film adaptation looks to take place during the exact same three days that the movie 300 is set in.

The fight in Xerxes will be the Battle of Artemisium while the war in 300 was the Battle of Thermopylae. So it appears Snyder is writing a side-quel to his film, while Miller is focusing on a broader spectrum. Snyder went on to describe the Battle of Artemisium and how it will differ than the fight at the hot gates in 300.

"We’re doing all these sequences were the triremes all crash together and the battlefield is all the boats crashing together so the men run across the ships as they’re fighting, so that should be fun. And horses and everything. It’s crazy," said Snyder.

Frank Miller's Xerxes comic is due sometime next year while Snyder will be wrapped up with directing the next Superman film. Either we'll have to wait quite a while to see the intriguing Xerxes on the big screen, or maybe Snyder will simply write and produce the project if he finds his hands are full with The Man of Steel.


Bryan Kritz  |  Managing Editor

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I think that is the new hot catch-phrase of the century! (or maybe, at least the rest of the day). It might be awhile before we see this on screen. Not many I'd want to see direct this besides Snyder.

Keven  |  Senior Editor

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good ol Side-quels.

You can thank Saw IV for that.