New Concept Art and Teaser Trailer For CARS 2

A teaser trailer and four new pictures from the Cars sequel have been released, while the pictures are only concept art they do show us some hints for where the story will be taking our heroes. They're not in Radiator Springs anymore.

Is anyone else excited for this sequel? It's looking like Cars 2 will be taking Lightning McQueen and his best friend Mater all over the world to the most spectacular racing spots such as London, France, Italy, Japan, etc. for a Race of Champions. During their travels it seems as though Mater will get himself involved with some espionage action after saving the life of Finn McMissile. The new character is a British agent and is rumored to look like an Aston Martin DB5. Finn McMissile was featured on a poster on Andy's wall in Toy Story 3. John Lasseter is co-directing with Ratatouille producer Brad Lewis on this animated sequel.

Oh wait, here's more reason to be excited. According to Lee Unkrich, the animated short attached to the film will feature cameos from Toy Story characters. Hey Pixar! How about after Cars 2 you work on a sequel to The Incredibles.