Has DEADPOOL Found It's Director?

20th Century Fox has stumbled upon a relatively unknown director that could possibly make his debut into feature full length films with Deadpool.

deadpool. bang.JPG

Swedish commercial/video director Adam Berg is now under the watchful eye of Fox now that Robert Rodriguez has come under scheduling conflicts which may push him out of the director's chair for Deadpool, if the movie ever gets under way at all.

Berg has not directed a full length film but he took home the Cannes Lions International Advertising prize for his work on an amazing Philips commercial titled "Carousel." Both Fox and star Ryan Reynolds (who would be playing Wade Wilson aka Deadpool in the film if it happens) have shown interest in Berg and sources are saying he's a top contender to direct the film when it gets greenlit.

You can check our Berg's award winning commercial below - it's shot entirely in freeze frame and shows the unraveling events of a bank heist.



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My favorite was the clown kicking the guy in the nuts through the glass. Eek

Boy October

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I want Rodriguez, but oh well. *sigh*


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This just smells of a movie that's going to be drug around for a while, and when/if it gets made it's just going to piss people off. It's okay if some comic book characters don't get their own movies.