GREEN LANTERN Movie Large Scale Hal Jordan Action Figure Revealed

Another day, another toy reveal. Yesterday it was alien Corps members Rot Lop Fan and G'Hu for Warner Bros Green Lantern, today it's the Earthling ring-slinger himself.


Available through Mattel, Green Lantern Hal Jordan stands approximately 14" tall with 20 plus points of articulation. Light up eyes & chest emblem.


Look for more images of movie tie-in characters to be released along with a slew of other merchandising as we get closer to the film's theatrical debut on June 17, 2011. In cased you missed them, click here to see the action figure of Rot Lop Fan, here to see the action figure of G'Hu and click HERE to see Mattel's first official Green Lantern action figure pre-order.




NoPurposeNaji's picture

i don't like his head.
Other than that, this is a pretty Great figure. I wonder how a non posable statuette would look?


RodSVilaca's picture

The head sculpture looks very bad, very simple to me. Evil

What about ACCESSORIES like constructs? Mr Green


fanboiii's picture

Looks good but I can't help wanting to tweak it. I wish the green had a hard edge instead of blurring with the black on his torso, raise the grooves a bit, make the mask more V-shaped, and have a more classic haircut.


DeMoNaSsDiZ's picture

I don't mind it too much. Can't wait to get that, an Abin Sur, and a Sinestro to add to my collection!


Krysalid's picture

Mattel really need to rethink their joints system... they are friggin' awful. HORRIBLE.

The rest it's ok, I think I'll just wait for a statue, non of this toys is convincing me so far.


Darkneo's picture

Though the size is compelling I was hoping they would do one like they did the Kyle Rayner and others with a fabric like cover or the skeletal framework. Made for more life like movement and appearances. But it will still be nice addition to the GL Homestead. Smile

Interesting John  |  Web Developer

Interesting John's picture

I'm sure we'll see some subtle differences and improvements with the final version released on store shelves. That said, I'm quite happy with this Big Grin


tobulicious's picture

His left hand looks wonky. Although, I'm sure I'll be buying a plethora of the GL movie figures.


Alex's picture

Yeah, what John said. He'll be perfect by the time he hits shelves.


Dman7's picture

Head looks kinda wierd. It definitely looks like Reynolds. Tongue


casinoskunk's picture

Just give me a light up Hot Toys figure.