Latest SPIDER-MAN Filming Details & Pics Hint at Fight with The Lizard

UPDATE: Piecing together the latest bits from Marc Webb's Spider-Man reboot, including a fresh batch of set pics, appear to hint at a dangerous altercation between Spidey and Dr. Curt Conner's reptilian alter ego.


The yet to be titled Spider-Man film stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen and Denis Leary. It is currently scheduled to hit 3D theaters July 3rd, 2012. Aside from the bevvy of leaked images from the film's varied sets, the first official image of Garfield in his re-designed Spider-Man suit hit the net last week. Not only did this image reveal the addition of mechanical "web-shooters" -- as opposed to the biological explanation for Spidey's web-slinging in Sam Raimi's film trilogy -- but it showed a scratched and battered hero.


The tears to his suit could have happened during any form of altercation, but many fans believe the damage was caused during a battle with The Lizard, who is Dr. Curt Connor's (Rhys Ifans) mutated reptilian form. Today's filming for the reboot took place in Los Angeles, more specifically, by California Plaza and the Museum of Contemporary Art. The pictures found below were taken by locals who happened to be in the neighborhood while the production crew were setting up for late afternoon and night shoots and shared what they saw via Twitter.

Besides the obvious Spidey nods such as The Daily Bugle delivery van and the NYPD cruiser, an image was taken of one of the signs newly placed around the Museum grounds, similar to those used at zoos. With the Lizard being the frontrunner as the film's main baddie, and this reboot being closely compared to the widely popular Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon, these clues could be a sneak peek at a (hopefully) epic, crowd-pleasing battle scene.


Our friends at have received another image from last night's filming; this one showing Garfield (or his stunt man) in full Spidey costume running around Grand Avenue in LA:




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Por favor, tenha cuidado!
Os animais podem morder!


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It's either Lizard or Kraven. Maybe it's for a polar bear exhibit considering they are the fiercest creatures in the animal kingdom!!


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eeeeekkkkkkkk BLAM! BLAM! Its really happening. New spider-man Big Grin


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I bet Jameson parked that van in the handicap spot on purpose! Where is Handi-Man when you need him


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Wow! he looks a bit like a party clown though Tongue

Boy October

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Lizard or Kraven..........though I wouldn't mind Vulture for this one.

Keven  |  Senior Editor

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Raimi didn't mind Vulture either - look where that got him.

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I love the bright colors on the costume.


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Well I gotta admit, it looks a little more like Spider Man than that hi rez pic does.


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Can't wait for the next Spiderman movie! The cast sounds like it will be a cast that makes the movie. I'm excited to see what action features are in store. I hope that the soundtrack is great too! I'm ready to be blown out of the theater!