Jerry Bruckheimer Offers Brief Updates on THE LONE RANGER & NATIONAL TREASURE Sequel

The Pirates of the Caribbean producer and director spoke briefly about the upcoming Walt Disney remake starring Johhny Depp as well as the next installment of Nic Cage's the action-adventure film.


"In the early days of the western United States, a masked man and an Indian rode the plains, searching for truth and justice. Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear, when from out of the past come the thundering hoofbeats of the great horse, Silver. The Lone Ranger rides again."

The story of the Lone Ranger dates back to January 30, 1933; when it was first aired via radio all around the country. Though slight variations were made with every incarnation of the character, the story has remained the same: After a grisly ambush, a lone surviving Texas Ranger was nursed back to health by a Native American named Tonto. Presumed dead, the Ranger decides not to return to his life, and instead dedicates himself to protecting the innocent. Armed with silver bullets, he rides throughout the West alongside Tonto, dealing out swift justice. Clayton Moore, who portrayed the Masked Man for many years on television and film, was so closely associated with the iconic character that he never made public appearances without the Ranger's mask on.


Gore Verbinski, who's recently completed production on his first animated film Rango, is currently in negotiations with Walt Disney Pictures to direct producer Jerry Bruckheimer's Lone Ranger remake. Johnny Depp is set to portray the Lone Ranger's trusty sidekick Tonto. No actors have yet to be linked to the role of the Masked Man himself, but production is supposedly set to begin later this year.

Bruckheimer spoke with about the latest addition to the Pirates franchise, and briefly touched upon the progress of both The Lone Ranger and the next National Treasure film:

"Lone Ranger I think is hopefully going to be pretty soon. [It's] going quite well, I just had a meeting with Johnny recently, it went fantastic. So it’s going good. That one’s getting pretty exciting. We’re excited about another big movie with the same team that brought you Pirates—the first three, anyway.

"National Treasure, we’re working on that. It all depends on us getting a screenplay, that’s what it’s all about. We’re in the process of finishing up a first draft that we’ve been working on for a while, it’s really more than a first draft, but they haven’t given it to me yet, so we’ll wait and see when we get it."

BLAM Trivia: The Lone Ranger's full name was never revealed, only his last name, Reid, was alluded to on occasion. Britt Reid, also known as the Green Hornet, was the nephew of the Lone Ranger.