A GUNS 'N ROSES Reunion? Slash Needs an Apology First

In a somewhat new take on an age old question, the wearer of the most notable top hat since Abe Lincoln has said that he would consider a reunion.


Slash, currently on tour with Ozzy (review here), was recently interviewed with the Daily News of Los Angeles and spoke of money, the drive to succeed, and, of course, Axl Rose.

It seems as though it is almost a given that, if interviewing Slash, one is required to ask about the possibility of a reunion. The fact that this has been asked and answered ad nauseam makes no difference. What makes Slash's recent answer intriguing, is that he didn't say 'no' (calm down GnR fans, he didn't exactly say 'yes' either).

The question posed to the iconic axeman was 'What if Axl Rose called your cell tomorrow morning and apologized for everything and promised to do whatever it takes to make a reunion work?' His answer? "All things considered, that would be a call I would be surprised to get," Slash said. "If that really happened, I would have to clean out my junk drawer, too, but I don't see it happening. But if it did happen, I would do whatever it takes to at least have a conversation about it."

So there it is Guns 'N Roses fans, the glimmer of hope that we've all been looking for, however, before we start digging out our old concert shirts we might consider this:

You tell them stories they’d rather believe
Use and confuse them
They’re numb and naive
The truth is the truth hurts don’t you agree
It’s harder to live with the truth about you
Than to live with the lies about me

Those would be some of the lyrics to Sorry off of the latest Guns 'N Roses CD, Chinese Democracy and while Axl has never come out and stated that it is directed toward anyone, it does seem to be a bit pointed.

Never say never?



Boy October

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I'd like to put Slash and Axl in a pit together and watch them fight it out. *evil laugh*