Video: Tanit Phoenix Audition Tape for the WONDER WOMAN TV Pilot

Reps for the South African actress have confirmed her pursuit to portray DC's Amazonian princess in the upcoming NBC pilot, now you can check out the footage of her audition for the role.


Veteran showrunner David E. Kelley's "modernized" take on DC Comics' Wonder Woman has been picked up by NBC, though no date for the pilot's production start or small screen airing has been established yet. The Wonder Woman television series is currently slated for 2011 release on NBC, with the premiere episode in telemovie form. The show will showcase a contemporary version of Diana Prince, Wonder Woman's American alias.

Several times over the past several months, Lost Boys actress Tanit Phoenix has been linked to the upcoming project. was the last site to mention the actress' connection to the part, and claimed Phoenix is the front runner for the dual identity of Wonder Woman and Diana Prince.

Now, a recording of Phoenix's audition for the part has gone online, and you can check it out here:




Ibz's picture

she is sexy although I don't like the idea of this TV show I would not have problem seeing her in wonder woman costume


fanboiii's picture

It's weird hearing Wonder Woman talk about her boobs. She has a great look for sure and accent. I think the second take was the best when she wasn't as girly and handled the sarcasm better.


Samaritan's picture

She's pretty good. I can see her as Diana, but would love see her in a full feature WW movie. This show screams Smallville.


Upupandaway's picture

If she's complaining about her breast size, what kind of message is that sending out? I mean, really, she's not exactly flat chested.


Phinehas's picture

Failure on the small screen. They're going about this all wrong.
At least they got the face right...
The acting? The physique (minus the boobs)?

major misses.

Oh, and the dialogue! Who wrote this drivel?!?!



Phinehas's picture

Looks as though she didn't get the part!~


gtrman's picture

It's amazing to see how much of a TV show or movie's effects, music, camera work and scripting goes into making this kind of [crap] acting look plausible on screen. Just her at a table, no effects, no soundtrack, no scenery, no nothing...she is easily one of the most terrible actresses I have ever seen. I wonder how many more actors and actresses are this disbelievable outside of the "Hollywood" magic.

What's really scary is that some dumbshit director watched something similar for their film and said "oh yeah, she's perfect!"


CrossTheGrigori's picture

As much as I wanted her to be Wonder Woman... I would rather NEVER see this show air. An Amazon complaining about her breast size and the market value of her costume?

Yeah. This is a comedy of a farce of a lampoon of satire.

Maybe GL will change the minds of the idiots producing this drivel. Then again... with Ryan Reynolds as Hal... maybe not. Maybe this is the approach GL will take as well. Bad satire of comic heroes.

Wonder Woman deserves more respect than this. She's not a whore. She's a warrior.


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CrossTheGrigori wrote:

She's not a whore. She's a warrior.

She's a whorrior! Laughing out loud