Rovio Reveals Details & Release Date for ANGRY BIRDS RIO

The Angry Birds developer continues to expand its trademark franchise, now entering the movie business with a tie-in game for this spring's Rio.


Since launching on December 10, 2009, Angry Birds has become a global phenomenon, attracting gamers of all ages on several different platforms. The success of the first Birds game brought about a holiday-themed adaption, Angry Birds Seasons, an upcoming animated film, future releases on video game consoles, real-world plushies and shirts, and now a tie-in game for an upcoming feature film from 20th Century Fox.

Angry Birds Rio will feature 45 new levels packed with feathered fun. Peter Vesterbacka, "Head Eagle" at Rovio, spoke about the upcoming tie-in at the Game Developer's Conference, saying, "We could make it work nicely with Angry Birds and the backstory. It could be the first time the birds leave the island, and are kidnapped by smugglers. This is not one of these lame movie games, but a separate game that works nicely with the movie." The release date for Angry Birds Rio was revealed at the Conference as well. We can expect the game on March 22.

Vesterbacka also gave word of the birds' next appearance, saying a St. Patrick's Day update for Seasons will arrive "well before St. Patrick's Day."