Kim's Movie Review: ROID RAGE

Every so often something is made that may start off as a major underdog but will be lucky enough to develop a cult following and surpass the most mainstream of films in popularity. That is exactly what I picture to be in the cards for Roid Rage. It is modeled along the style of the now famous the Grindhouse films that Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez produced, and is not for the un-exploitation film savvy crowd.

Roid Rage follows Sammy, a young man with an evil little worm thing living in his ass that likes to pop out and say “hello,” before it rips your face off. Blood and mayhem ensue for Sammy, who has a fun ride while it lasts. This indie film is cheesy as hell, ridiculous for the most part and could use some tweaking in the editing and makeup departments, but I found it to be absolutely fun to watch.

The dialogue is pretty funny; one piece in particular during the intro scene had me rolling. Overall this is a very enjoyable film that I have watched twice already. Even though there is room for improvement, if writer/director/editor/producer Ryan Lightbourn didn't change a thing I would still be a fan. Congrats on your first film Mr. Lightbourn, it definitely has cult classic potential.

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