LIL WAYNE Set to Appear on New LIMP BIZKIT Album

Fred Durst has confirmed the rapper’s presence on his group’s comeback album ‘Gold Cobra’ which is scheduled to strike later this year.


“Oh, excuse me, sixteenth song mixed is Ready To Go featuring Lil Wayne! GFY! I love it,” said Durst via Twitter.

Limp Bizkit have been on a hiatus for several years, while guitarist Wes Borland pursued various other music projects. Front man Durst fired up a career in Hollywood as a film director to minimal success on the indie circuit. Their newest album ‘Gold Cobra’ was originally scheduled for release last year but was delayed to put finishing touches on the effort.

David Schiffman (System Of A Down, Avenged Sevenfold) is producing the record, which features the entire original Limp Bizkit lineup. The last major recording the group has released was the short EP titled ‘The Unquestionable Truth pt.1’. Although the mini album was hailed as a return to a heavier sound, it was also criticized for not being a focused release and too similar in vibe to Rage Against The Machine. The last full album release by the band was ‘Results May Vary’ back in 2003 and Borland was not a part of the group at that time.