INTERVIEW: MORNING GLORIES Creators Joe Eisma & Nick Spencer About the Comics Series' Future in TV/Film

Morning Glories is one of Image Comics' hottest titles. The monthly book is a consistent mover for stores and the recently released trade paper back has gone to a second printing. I recently caught up with it's creators to talk about the book's success and future.


Morning Glories follows six central characters -- Zoe, Jun, Hunter, Jade, Ike and Casey -- as they try to avoid the murderous happenings at the Morning Glories Academy. The series first issue left readers both shocked and immediately hooked, and has caused each issue since to fly off shelves.

During a recent signing in Dallas, Texas, I caught up with Joe Eisma (pictured here) to discuss this unique and fresh story; as well as what influenced him as an artist to break into the comics industry. "I loved the X-Men. I started reading them about the time that they were regaining their popularity in the 90’s. Image titles, too. I probably helped crash the industry because I would buy 10 of each variant cover [laughs)]."

"I had no idea Morning Glories would be this big of a success. Nick [Spencer] had an inkling that it would be big. I figured that we would at least get some buzz, but nothing comparable to what eventually has happened."

With an increasing demand from studios to garner the film and television rights for popular, contemporary comic series, Morning Glories seems to be a sure-fire bet to be one of the next to make the jump from page to screen. Joe touched upon this topic, but was hesitant to get into too much detail: "We're hopeful to transition this series soon [to TV or film]. We're currently in talks with certain interested parties but I can't get into the details. It's very exciting though!"

Other than Morning Glories, what book would you most like to work on? I love this question because it’s such a random answer. ROM Spaceknight. It’ll never happen because the rights are held up, but I would have loved to work on it.

Nick Spencer, the comics' writer, made an appearance at today's C2E2. Though he appeared equally enthused about the prospect of adapting the series to another medium, he couldn't be specific about a tentative schedule fans can expect to see it transitioned. He did, however, say that Morning Glories is not a completely open-ended series, and he has an idea of how the story concludes. "There is definitely an end-game to the story. I think it will be at about 100 issues."

Joe was kind enough to even draw up a quick BLAM Logo sketch!



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This is a great series. I has an excellent structure for a show and wouldn't need a huge budget.

Pietro Filipponi  |  Managing Editor

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Must. read. this. now.

Seriously, I have yet to see a bad review for this series. Gotta jump on it before too many come out and it's hard to catch up