Random BLAM! Ears of Spock from STAR TREK Go Up For Auction

Have you ever wanted to own a piece of television history? Well, now's your chance to have a set of arguably the most famous ears of science fiction. Timing for this is impeccable as today is Leonard Nimoy's 80th birthday.


The iconic collector's piece is up for auction on April 2nd through Premier Props and was worn by Leonard Nimoy in the 1979 film Star Trek: The Motion Picture. The piece is expected to go for over $1,000 dollars, US. It is in excellent condition having been carefully preserved for more than 30 years now. A spokesman for Premier Props, Dan Levin, had this to say:

"This ear was kept by the prop master from the film. It was carefully wrapped up which is important because silicone latex can deteriorate."

"Spock's ears are an iconic part of Star Trek and fans across the world would love to own it - we've already had lots of bids."

Premier Props is having a huge auction sale on April 2nd through the 3rd on thousands of movie and television props.