Jeromy's Comic Book Review: GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD WARRIORS #8 - War of the Green Lanterns Part 3

War ignites for Guy Gardner, Kilowog and Arisia as Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #8 bring the last of the 3 Lantern books into the action in War of the Green Lanterns – Part 3.

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As was the case for Part 2 in Green Lantern Corps, the events in this book happen simultaneously with Part 1 in Green Lantern. Our trio of characters is on their way to Oa, the impurity takes over, Arisia heads off towards Oa leaving Guy and Kilowog to fend of what seems like (according to the beautiful 2-page splash) the entire GL Corps. As events unfold we hit a point where Emerald Warriors is running chronologically to Green Lantern with a fleeing Hal meeting up with Guy at a predetermined rendezvous point. If you’ve seen the cover, I won’t be spoiling anything by telling you that there is an excellent showdown between the two. How it unfolds and how it leaves off, I’ll let you read for yourself. So far, with the three books running together, the flow between them has been perfect with no confusion as to the timeline and no jumping forward and backward. It’s all very linear storytelling.

I can’t believe I’m about to say this but this isn’t Peter Tomasi’s best installment. As always, the cliché holds true that it feels like he’s sitting on Geoff John’s lap while they write because the two weave their narratives together without missing a beat. What’s uncharacteristically lacking here is Tomasi’s penchant for good dialog. The pacing is great, the story is great but the dialog tends to sink down into the corny realm and make no mistake, this is a very dialog heavy issue! You definitely get your $2.99 worth.

The problems mainly arise during Guy and Hal’s fight where they revisit old issues of who should have gotten the ring, who’s the better Lantern, who did what to whom, etc. It seems like the easy way out was taken when there was a genuine opportunity to explore the depths of these two and their rivalry. “Beware my power, Guy Gardner’s light” is just a little too cornball for my taste and in the end, the fight was wrapped up a little too easily and succinctly. Don’t get me wrong. Seeing Hal and Guy pummel the bloody bejebus out each other is always a good time. I just think Tomasi didn’t need to rehash why they have a beef with each other, especially when some of these issues were settled long ago. I’d actually opt for 10 pages of fighting where not a single word is spoken! One scene of particular enjoyment however was when Guy rings for backup and the order he chooses to call to ask for it. Just a cool little bit of insight into Guy’s head.

Fernando Pasarin continues his solid work on this title along with Cam Smith on inks and Gabe Eltaeb handling the colors. With the exception of the fact that I don’t like how he draws Kilowog and he insists on continuing to draw Guy with his old bowl-cut, I REALLY like his work. His characters are intensely expressive (a good part of that credit goes to Cam Smith), and you get a real feel of movement in his panels. Cam Smith doesn’t do anything fancy but his colors are vibrant, making Emerald Warriors the brightest of the three GL core books. Of particular note is a panel 4 pages from the end, during the fight. It’s the middle panel of 5 panels which are spread out over two pages. The panel is entirely in green tones and the characters are almost, but not completely washed out. It’s awesome and would have made an unbelievable 2 page spread. I may have to photo shop out the word balloon and make it my desktop!

With Part 3's conclusion, we now see that all Earth GL’s – Hal, Guy, Kyle and John as well as Kilowog and Ganthet have a pretty good idea of what’s going on. What they don’t know and what we will soon find out is “why” and “what in the world can they do to stop it”. The story keeps the ball rolling, the art does its job and while points are coming off for Tomasi’s little hiccup; well, you can’t hit a home run EVERY time.

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Mr Green Awesome! I'm thinking it's time for you to lend out another one(three) of your books! Very excited to read these! Mr Green


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I gotta get back into GL. Been reading Captain America lately.

GLFanboy  |  Correspondent

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Forgot to mention that this one is worth buying just for that cover!!


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you know, i hadn't bitten the bullet yet and started buying EW, because i've never been the biggest guy gardner fan. don't get me wrong, i do own the entire run of warrior, but i liked him better when he didn't have a ring.

his brutishness, crudity and one-dimensionality always struck me as contrary to the nobility of the GLC. in fact, thats why i'm in the lonely minority that thinks bradley cooper would be a terrible guy gardner—cooper is far too likable... and no matter who's writing him, gardner has never been able to rise out of the category of a lout and a thug.

but between your reviews and this !@#$% storyline i guess the time has come to give him another shot. like it or not, he's part of the GLU and maybe war of the green lanterns gives me a reason to look a little deeper at the guy.

thanks for the review, GLF... keep 'em coming!

GLFanboy  |  Correspondent

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Thats really interesting. I'm right there with you on the 80's/90's/early 00's version of Gardner. I absolutely hated him. I wished all the time that they would get rid of his character altogether. Since Rebirth though and GLC Recharge I feel like they have written Guy to be a more likable character. Before he was the prick you didn't want hanging around. Now he's the prick you're glad is on your team. He's stick cocky and arrogant and even sometimes a downright asshole. But now he's also personable, capable, funny, responsible and possesses great leadership abilities. I think the biggest difference between old Guy and new Guy is that old Guy was a glory-hound. He always had to be the guy making the winning play by himself. Now he's the guy who does whatever it takes to get the job done. He no longer feels like he has to prove anything. He "knows" he's the best GL out there so f*@# 'em if they don't. Before, I never got the feeling that he had any sense of pride in being a GL beyond the power it gave him. Now, hypothetically, I could go 2 or 3 issues being annoyed by Gardner and on the 4th when he says something like "LANTERNS, LIGHT 'EM UP", you can't help but love the guy. You want him in the lead! Because he'll get the job done! Kilowog may train them but once training is done it's Gardner who teaches the rookies in the GL school of hard knocks!
Basically I think you need and want Gardner on your team. He may not like you but you know he's got your back no matter what and that's a quality you could never be sure of with old Gardner. Even if it was true.

Anyway, as for this event, I think the charactesr are going to be frequently crossing over into the different books. So I think the whole "GL is Hal and Johns book", "EW is Guy and Kilowogs book", etc is partly thrown out the window for this event. I'm sure they will remain the primary focuses of each title but overall, you're going to need to read all three books. They don't work as tie-ins. Each is essential, IMO.

Thanks for joining in!


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I have to agree that "Guy Gardner's Might" was a bit cheesy. Meh...this one wasn't as good as the other one's I would have to say. But I guess we needed Guy to confess "his sins" to Hal who was not in the loop yet. This isn't in this issue, but I'm actually anxious to find out why Kyle was given the last power ring....hmmmmm.....Smile