New WONDER WOMAN Pilot Set Pics Feature a Heroic Takedown

The NBC pilot has so far been met with mixed reactions by fans, mostly due to the first official image of the Wonder Woman costume; after revamping the suit during production, though, it appears the show is moving along quite well.

The new Wonder Woman series is a reinvention of the iconic DC Comics title in which the heroine – AKA Diana Prince – is a vigilante crime fighter in Los Angeles but also a successful corporate executive and a modern woman trying to balance all of the elements of her extraordinary life.

It was announced a few weeks back that Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night Lights, Red Dawn) will star in the title role of Wonder Woman. Tracie Thoms has been cast as a regular, playing Etta the bubbly personal assistant of Diana and Pedro Pascal will play a liaison to the police department who is devoted and loyal to the princess of power. Elizabeth Hurley has signed on to portray the show's villain opposite Palicki, while Cary Elwes will portray the CEO of the company owned by Diana Prince, Themyscira Industries. Justin Bruening (Knight Rider) has joined the cast to portray Steve Trevor, a former Army officer and current Justice Department agent who is also the leading man in Diana's life; while Joseph Gatt (Thor) has taken up to the role of John O’Quinn, a man who works for Veronica Cale as a physical presence against Wonder Woman.



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Are they doing truth serum instead of the lasso of truth?


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I think the lasso of truth is one of this gray areas that're hard to get past on film. If it stays that way, how would they make it look cool on camera? Have the assailant hogtied?


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Great to hear they’re still making improvements. The issue is whether these improvements are the essential ones or whether DC is really being addressed for what should be their contribution.