HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN Director Wants to Make Spinoff & Kids Film After His Upcoming Martial Arts Project

Jason Eisener, who helmed the new era Grindhouse saga Hobo With a Shotgun starring Rutger Haur, is gunning for a childrens film when he’s completed work on his upcoming tournament fighter.


“I’ve designed our next movie as if I was creating my own tournament game like Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter 2. I’m designing every character to be unique both in look and fighting style so if we ever made a game, it’d be the coolest tournament fight game ever. I would absolutely love to dive more into that world,” said Jason Eisener (Hobo with a Shotgun).

The first time filmmaker won a contest to have his short film featured as a fake trailer to be included with the epic Grindhouse movie that debuted a couple years ago. After Machete made the transition from fake trailer to full length feature, Hobo with a Shotgun also made the leap but managed to morph into something incredibly strange at the same time. Eisener took some time to reflect on a possible spin-off film featuring villains from the Hobo world, The Plague. The robotic assassins are what Eisener refers to as his R2D2 and C3PO or Jay and Silent Bob.

“There’s a whole mythology behind them. They’re basically like demons; for me, there’s nothing beneath their costumes. To me, they’ve been around since the beginning of time, probably had tons of other crazy armor, riding on horses, etc. You see in their lair they have a bunch of bounties crossed off and one of them’s Jesus Christ, another is Joan of Arc,” said Eisener.


He went on to reveal that he’s written a treatment for a possible Plague spinoff film. ”It’s like a crazy chase film; it’s about two ambulance drivers who has an unconscious person in the back of their ambulance who they don’t know is a bounty for The Plague. The Plague are doing everything to stop the ambulance and the ambulance drivers using everything they can to stop The Plague. It also goes a little into their history and how they started and what they’ve been through,” said Eisener.

The filmmaker also hasn’t ruled out a return for a second and possible third Hobo sequel. Eisener mentioned that he would love to film a trilogy centered around Rutger Hauer and the insane world he roams through, which the actor is hailing as a “graffiti western.” Eisener has proclaimed The Warriors as his favorite film of all time because he loves the idea of “high concept worlds.” This is certainly a theme he has ran with on Hobo With a Shotgun and it’s chaotic world inhabited by all sorts of strange creatures and people.

“We definitely want to branch out, but right now, we’re loving it. We’re going to stay with high-concept ideas; I’d like to make a kids movie like Monster Squad or The Goonies, or something like Night of the Creeps. I’d love to do something like that,” said Eisener.

Hobo With a Shotgun is directed by Jason Eisener and stars Rutger Hauer. It is currently playing on Demand as of April 1st and begins it’s limited theatrical run May 6th.


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