Latest PROMETHEUS Rumors Hint at Horde of Massive Aliens & Perverse Creature Action

After back and forth claims that director Ridley Scott's upcoming Alien prequel is connected to or not related at all to the franchise of chestbursting mayhem, it appears we will indeed be seeing the familiar xenomorph as the film winds down.


The famous xenomorph, or 'Alien' that has graced the franchise prior will indeed play a part in Prometheus, but in a slightly different physical form than we're used to. A source speaking with MarketSaw has confirmed this rumor and hints that the creatures will do "very perverse things." The source went on to say that the feel of Prometheus is very similar in tone to Stanley Kubrick's sci-fi classic 2001 and that Scott's film is "trying to push the boundaries of what a modern tent pole science fiction movie could be."

The source, who claims to be close to the production of the film also went into detail on when we can expect to see that Alien connection, which directly links Prometheus to the franchise that was spawned over 30 years ago when Scott directed the original film.

"The final act is where the movie switches gears and shifts into Aliens territory. Pinewood houses an exact replica of the H R Giger Space Jockey command post. You may notice in the original Alien that the Space Jockey had a puncture on its considerably large chest, where the xenomorph broke out through the flesh of the creature and broke through the biomechanical armor it wears. You may also notice how big the Space Jockey is in relation to its human counter parts in the film. So imagine how big the baby must be, which is yet to grow. Then imagine quite a few of these. If you can do that, you got a pretty good grasp on the final act."

Prometheus stars Noomi Rapace (Sherlock Holmes 2), Michael Fassbender (X-Men: First Class), Charlize Theron (Monster) and Michele Yeoh (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) in the film that will hopefully relaunch the Alien film franchise. Damon Lindelof is working with Ridley Scott on the script, which was originally written by Jon Spaihts and based on an idea by Scott. The film is scheduled for theatrical release on June 8th, 2012.



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I heard from that Scott is using 10 RED cameras on this shoot. Good to be him, huh? I just feel sorry for his editor...


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I'm excited =)