PIRANHA 3DD Adds David Hasslehoff to It's Cast

The Baywatch pop culture icon will be taking to the waters again to go up against the attacking aquatic army of the dangerous swarming fish in the sequel to last summer's popular horror film.

There’s something in the water . . . again. And this time no one is safe from the flesh eating fish as they sink their razor sharp teeth into the visitors of the best summer attraction, The Big Wet Water Park.

Maddy aspires to get out of her backwoods town in which she is derided by its denizens and aspire to become a marine biologist. As the daughter of the waterpark owner, she is the first to discover the fishy menace. To rid her home of the threat, she enlist the help of Barry a hacker with a heart of gold. The prehistoric man-eating piranha begin to infest the town plumbing systems, swimming pools and a newly opened waterpark called 'Wilderness Waters’.

From Feast trilogy director John Gulager and starring Danielle Panabaker, Matt Bush, David Koechner, Chris Zylka, Katrina Bowden, Gary Busey, Christopher Lloyd and David Hasselhoff, Piranha 3DD hits theaters June 1st, 2012.