STAIND Nearly Broke Up While Recording New Album

The group revealed that their upcoming self titled effort, which hits stores September 13th, was the most difficult album they'd ever recorded and that the band nearly broke up during the process.


Staind will unleash their new self titled record September 13th through Atlantic records. The band worked with producer Johnny K (Sevendust, Disturbed) on the album. The band knowingly went in with the agenda to create a heavy record this time around but what they weren't prepared for was the band nearly imploding. "It was full-on falling apart at the seams, " said front man Aaron Lewis.

"Everything just went completely sideways, for so many different reasons. It got so bad that we stopped working (together) and we just went to doing it on our own, in separate locations, with minimal contact with each other. It was definitely the most difficult and trying and tumultuous record that we have made yet."

The troubled sessions were all videotaped and the documentary surrounding the hard recording of the upcoming album will be packaged with the deluxe edition release. The video may also end up on television or theater runs on the festival circuit. "It's painful to watch. It's very revealing," said Lewis.

"We were an open book for the whole thing; I think the camera got shut off twice during the entire process. And it's very unflattering, but... it's real. It's what really happened."

Staind (1).jpg

Despite the difficulties endured during the making of Staind's new album, the band has since reconciled to some degree and hail the record a success. The band have compared it's sound to earlier works such as 'Tormented' and 'Dysfunction'.

The tracklist is as follows:

01 – “Not Again”
02 – “Eyes Wide Open”
03 – “Failing”
04 – “Wannabe”
05 – “Throw It All Away”
06 – “Now”
07 – “The Bottom”
08 – “Take a Breath”
09 – “Paper Wings”
10 – “Something To Remind You”