Keven's Music Review: EVERLAST - Songs of The Ungrateful Living

Everlast let me down with his last studio album, focusing more on the rap and in the end turned out some sort of sexed up pop album. With his latest 'Songs of The Ungrateful Living' he's returned to that calmer acoustic style of earlier records and I've regained my cool in the process, getting lost in what essentially is how new-age blues should be done.

everlast cover.jpg

Everlast is one my favorite artists and I find myself welcoming the raspy voiced white rapper with open arms back every time. He's older now, so I was kind of shocked to see the man who actually got me off my ass years ago to 'Jump Around' at one of his live shows, rocking some grey hair. His new album is loaded with pain, sadness and shockingly he incorporates some country music elements into his blues/rap sound. I found it worked quite well and even transformed the hook on 'Little Miss America' into a very memorable one.

The intro track 'Long At All' is an epic ballad about life and death. If you're not ready for that country sound I was talking about earlier, be prepared to get introduced right out the gate. It's really not all that shocking though when you consider that most good country music is the sad as hell stuff, making it fit nicely alongside Everlast's blues and acoustic guitar. The hip hop on 'Songs of The Ungrateful Living' is even laid back, which I found to be very effective, especially on tracks like 'I Get By' and 'My House'. The latter of which is apparently a stoned Everlast trying to convince some chick to go back to his place and roll some trees, watch UFC and get laid. Creepy but cool all the same.

The first half of the album is far superior to the second but overall it's another classic Everlast offering. Whether you're a House of Pain fan or you're down with 'Black Jesus' there's something on this album for you. 'Songs of The Ungrateful Living' may be dreary but you'll atleast wave your hands in the air, because you just don't care – then you'll probably have a nap or something. I like it.


1. "Long At All"
2. "Gone for Good"
3. "I Get By"
4. "Little Miss America"
5. "My House"
6. "Long Time"
7. "Friday the 13th"
8. "The Crown"
9. "Sixty-Five Roses"
10. "Moneymaker"
11. "The Rain"
12. "Some Of Us Pray"
13. "I'll Be There for You"
14. "Even God Don't Know"
15. "A Change Is Gonna Come"

4 Stars