Chris Evans Replaces James Franco as Professional Hitman in THE ICEMAN

The Captain America: First Avenger star will get a chance to show some more savory characteristics in the project based upon the true crime book by Anthony Bruno.


At home Richard Kuklinski was a dedicated suburban family man. On the street he was the Iceman, a professional hit man and lethal scam artist, a man so heartless he kept one of his victims frozen for over two years to disguise the time of death. His personal body count was over 100, but the police didn't have a clue. The Iceman exposes Kuklinski's murderous double life.

Michael Shannon, who will soon be seen as General Zod in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, is set to play Kuklinski with Chris Evans now on as his mentor Robert Pronge. James Franco was originally attached to the role.

The Iceman will be directed by Ariel Vromen from a script by he and Morgan Land. René Besson and Ehud Bleiberg are on to produce for Millennium Films/Nu Image. Production begins next month.