DRAKE & COMMON Said to Have Had Violent Exchange at the Grammy Awards

After months of jabbing each other in their songs, both rappers got into a heated argument backstage at this year's Grammy Awards with one inside source even claiming the two got into a brief fist fight.


According to a reliable insider at Media Take Out, rappers Drake and Common were in a heated argument backstage at this year's 54th Annual Grammy Awards when the two even started a brief fist fight before plainsclothes police escorted Common back to his seat.

"@drake and @common had an altercation backstage & @liltunechi" -- the handle of Lil Wayne, Drake's label mate -- "had to intervene. This is getting out of hand." tweeted publicist Robert Santini of PKM*BNC.

Prior to the event on the red carpet, Common even referenced the feud by claiming it had settled down. "(It's) kind of over now… we was able to move forward from it, and all is good," he said. Hip Hop Wired did confirm the two were involved in a shouting match but that nothing became physical.

You can check out the lyrical jabs aimed towards Drake in Common's track 'Sweet' or Drake's accusations of Common 'beefing to sell records' on the Rick Ross song 'Schemin'.