REAL STEEL's Robots: The Art of Legacy Effects Video from Stan Winston Studios

The Stan Winston School of Character Arts has released a new production video showing a 'mini-lesson' on the real robots created by Legacy Effects for last year's hit sci-fi actioner starring Hugh Jackman


The #1 movie in the country for two consecutive weeks during its theatrical run, REAL STEEL is directed by Shawn Levy (Night At the Museum franchise, Date Night and What Happens in Vegas), produced by Steven Spielberg (Saving Private Ryan, Schindler's List), with a screenplay by John Gatins (Coach Carter, Summer Catch). Set in the not-so-distant future where boxing has gone high-tech and 2000-pound, 8-foot-tall steel robots have taken over the ring, the film stars Hugh Jackman (X-Men franchise, Australia) as Charlie Kenton, Evangeline Lilly (TV’s Lost, The Hurt Locker) as Bailey Tallet, Dakota Goyo (Thor) as Max Kenton, Kevin Durand (I Am Number Four, X-Men Origins: Wolverine) as Ricky, and Anthony Mackie (The Adjustment Bureau, The Hurt Locker) as Finn.

Stan Winston School proudly presents a 'mini-lesson' on the real robots created by Legacy Effects for REAL STEEL. Presented by Academy Award nominated FX Wizard, John Rosengrant, 25-year Stan Winston Studio supervisor & co-founder of Legacy Effects.

In 1972 Stan Winston established Stan Winston Studio. Corralling some of the finest designers, engineers, sculptors, painters, machinists and technicians, the work that came out of the Stan Winston Studio was, from the start, widely recognized as the state-of-the-art in character creation. Over the years, the studio grew from a room in Stan’s garage to a fully-staffed workshop of hundreds of artists, all working to give filmmakers something that exceeded their wildest imaginings.

Always eager to embrace new technologies, Stan Winston helped pioneer the digital revolution including co-founding Digital Domain alongside James Cameron and former ILM boss, Scott Ross.

Integrating emerging techniques such as motion capture, and CGI enhancement, Stan Winston Studio came to be associated with cross-platform and Hybrid CG/Practical character creation for all visual arts venues. Stan’s core team continues his legacy into the new century with Legacy Effects, where a new name, a new building and new projects and challenges continue to keep the spirit of Stan and his studio alive.

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