MASS EFFECT 3 Glitch Preventing Some XBOX 360 Gamers from Playing

Many gamers have been unable to play Bioware's critically acclaimed Mass Effect 3 on Xbox 360 due to a game-breaking glitch which prevents players from accessing the game when it freezes to a black screen upon start-up.

The error, which is being dubbed 'The Black Screen of Death', is occurring randomly to various players around the globe for nearly three weeks with still no official word from Bioware on a resolution. When prodded for questioning on the official Bioware forum, a moderator refused to comment aside from mentioning that they were looking into the problem.

The issue with this glitch appears to be related to the Xbox 360 gamertag/profile, as many players notice that when they log into a different profile that they are able to play Mass Effect 3. However, they can't access their previously saved games, making them have to start over from the beginning. When players try to log out of their profiles and into their usual ones after accessing the game through this workaround, the title will freeze indefinitely resulting in a hard re-start of the Xbox 360 with menu controls inaccessible. Many answers from EA online staff include deleting your saves and starting over, or even downloading the demo to play it for a few hours until Bioware fixes the issue.


The glitch, which freezes Mass Effect 3 just before the 'start menu' appears, has not been addressed in a timely manor from Bioware publicly and no word on when or if it will be fixed has been given. Many players have given up and resorted to workarounds in which they manipulate file saves on their computers in order to access Mass Effect 3. While others, who don't want to risk corrupting the title, continue waiting for an official update from the company.

If you are suffering from the Mass Effect 3 'black screen of death', check out the official Bioware forum HERE. And check out a video of the glitch below: