Keven's Music Review: AVENGERS ASSEMBLE Soundtrack

After listening to a collection of songs from the soundtrack to what will no doubt be 2012's biggest blockbuster I can't help but find the results funny. Aside from a strange addition from the reunited Soundgarden debuting a new track, don't expect to have any life altering experiences listening to 'Avengers Assemble'. But you already knew that.

avengers assemble cov.jpg

Movie soundtracks comprised of sexy new commercial rock have become just as annoying as cute indie compilations from films like Juno. 'Avengers Assemble' has some memorable hits though which makes this soundtrack shockingly worthwhile even if you'll be bored out of your skull half the time. I haven't seen the film at the time of this review, but signs point to it being amazing. Is it odd when you could probably swap the cover of this soundtrack with one of the recent Saw sequels and nobody would notice?

I will say that the new Soundgarden song is strong but not what I expected. I'm not sure what I was expecting 'exactly' but after such a long break-up I wanted universes to collide with a BRAND NEW Soundgarden track. The song may grow on me over time because it is a solid rock song, I just wanted more. Five Finger Death Punch have a cool cover of Faith No More's 'From Out of Nowhere' which was an unexpected surprise. Shinedown, Rise Against, Redlight King and Cherri Bomb are also welcome additions here and contribute strong tracks.

Everything else comes off like mediocre B-Side material. Granted most soundtracks utilize band's B-side tracks, but it was so very evident here on 'Avengers Assemble'. Bush, Papa Roach and Scott Weiland all sounded weak as hell. It was like they held a contest for the most boring contribution and they tried REALLY hard at not trying hard. It's the same problem that faces 90% of all action movie soundtracks. I will say this however, as critically reviled as Daredevil was – it has the best soundtrack of any Marvel adapted film.


Maybe the songs translate better on-screen and I'm sure one or two will from the sounds of them, but I can only assume most of the tracks here are from the 'inspired' category as opposed to being pulled right from The Avengers. If nothing else, you need to check out Soundgarden's 'Live to Rise' because that's a brand new Soundgarden song. There should be no other motivation needed.

1. "Live to Rise - Soundgarden
2. "I'm Alive" - Shinedown
3. "Dirt and Roses" - Rise Against
4. "Even If I Could" - Papa Roach
5. "Unbroken" - Black Veil Brides
6. "Breath" - Scott Weiland
7. "Comeback" - Redlight King
8. "Into the Blue" - Bush
9. "A New Way to Bleed" (Photek Remix) - Evanescence
10. "Count Me Out" - PusherJones
11. "Wherever I Go" - Buckcherry
12. "From Out of Nowhere" (Faith No More cover) - Five Finger Death Punch
13. "Shake the Ground" - Cherri Bomb
14. "Pistols at Dawn" - Kasabian

2.5 Stars