KORN Reunites with Brian 'Head' Welch for Live Performance

Korn was joined onstage Saturday May 5th for the first time in seven years by ex-guitarist Brian 'Head' Welch at the Carolina Rebellion festival at Rockingham Speedway in Rockingham, North Carolina. Check out video and Welch's comments on the reunion.


Brian 'Head' Welch vacated his Korn bandmates in 2005 to become a born again Christian. Despite bad blood in the media, it appears things have been patched up between the band and Head made a surprise appearance to perform the classic song 'Blind' with Korn. Front man Jonathan Davis introduced Welch to the stage saying, "For a long-ass time, this spot right here has been very lonely — very very lonely. I want to bring out one of my truest and oldest and most beloved friends to come out and have some fun with this. You guys ready? My boyyyyyyy!"

"It wasn't planned. I was just going because my daughter loves Chevelle and she likes Evanescence. When we got there, we just hung out and nothing was talked about (me going up on stage with Korn) at all; we just hung out. And then right before Korn's set, they said, 'Hey, you wanna jam with us?'

They said, 'You wanna jam the last three songs?' And I was, like, 'No.' I don't know them good enough, as far as, like, they use different tunings and they changed the songs from the record. So there was no way I could have done it and played it right. So I got up and did 'Blind' and it was amazing. It was really fun. There was tears. It was a family moment," said Welch.

Welch is currently touring with his new band, Love and Death in support of a new EP called 'Chemicals'. The guitarist, along with Korn bassist Reginald 'Fieldy' Arvizu have both said that a full fledged reunion could happen in the near future.