LIMP BIZKIT Fire DJ LETHAL & Fred Durst Responds to The Longtime Bandmate's Rant

After months of speculation of inner turmoil, it appears that Limp Bizkit have canned longtime bandmate DJ Lethal. Check out Lethal's lengthy statement and singer Fred Durst's short response.

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It has been rumored for some time that DJ Lethal was on the outs with his longtime bandmates and that the reasoning behind the feud stemmed from Lethal's alleged substance abuse problem. It is now confirmed that Limp Bizkit have fired DJ Lethal and are currently touring with Franko Carino in the former House of Pain founder's place. Fred Durst's short response via Twitter to Lethal's nonstop rant is as follows: "Sometimes the right decision is painful, but comes from a loving place. My hope is that good people can make the right decisions. Can you?", said Durst.

Below is Lethal's collection of tweets in response to his firing from Limp Bizkit:

  • I’m nobody’s dj. I am me. I’m no kiss ass. I would rather die than be a slave !! Respect that!!”
  • I respect that. But it’s not a democracy. Don’t believe the hype. It’s one man. The rest follow like sell out money hungry slaves.
  • respect it all. Personally I’ve been degraded and disrespected big time. It’s personal now.
  • …I tried to lay low. But the MAN with self respect and dignity could hold back!! Call it childish or immature. Through thknthn
  • I’m really sorry mostly to the fans because one man is a tyrant control freak. #Napoleon !!
  • as long as you know that’s not what the “man” cares about. I live for fans he lives for himself TRUTH. That’s where the problem is
  • …I’ve been berated. Made too look like a drug addict. Truth is I stood up for my self
  • …Truth is I stood up to fred. Simple. He’s a tyrant slave driver
  • Im saying way too much but respect the truth. After the disrespect there’s no going back. I would rather beg for bread than kiss ass. !!!!!!
  • Drugs?!???we all know who had a “drug” problem. The problem was I had a fight with fred and let him know my feelings. #Truth
  • So I’ll never be welcome back. But I will not be someone’s slave and not be me. Too bad. TRUTH WILL PREVAIL!!! I’m grateful but undo not owe
  • I hope you know that this is it!! I will never go back to fake ass money hungry settle for anything desperate no comradery. Snakes and rats!
  • Im sorry to the fans most if all. Never meant to hurt you. But it’s not a band when one man controls all. #democracy
  • I actually wish them well. But I don’t follow any man. I Am a mAn. And a solid person. Never quit.missed a show!!
  • I tried to be cool.after the disrespect the torture. The lies. The cover ups. The ass kissing.theres no going back. True colors show. $$$$$$
  • …Fred’s ego is too big to help a friend in need. I tried boy I tried. I gave it all I had.
  • Yeah I’m pissed right now. It’s like a long relationship gone bad. Too bad. Life goes on. One man cares about on man. No team. All kiss ass
  • I never quit. Been there since day 1. There’s a lot behind the scenes no body knows. I’m not gonna rat on anybody. I NEVER LEFT!!
  • the only one breaking the “family” and “fans” up is fred durst. Everyone else has no voice and follows his lead!!
  • I txt fred maybe times. No answer. His ego is too big. He said maybe after summer. Sorry does not work for me. I TRIED
  • they said ” time heals all wounds” but I’m not going back as a employee following a dictators orders. I rather be a bum
  • love you guys. Enjoy the fred durst and friends concerts. He’s still a good front man.
  • I mean. 13 shows a year?!?!? Wtf. Makes you think one man is more comfortable taking more $ while the rest of the band struggles
  • there’s no coming back. This will be the real final straw. But to me the final straw was the last few concerts.”

Limp Bizkit recently parted ways with longtime label Interscope and announced their signing with hip hop label Cash Money, which is run by rapper Lil Wayne. The band recently hit the studio with Weezy to record a five-minute rap/rock single called 'Ready to Go', which is expected to make it's debut very soon and for free online. The band's upcoming new record 'Stampede Of The Disco Elephants' will tentatively be released in late 2012. Limp Bizkit are also working on a new EP titled The Unquestionable Truth Pt.2, geared towards their heavier music fans.