Music Review: HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD – Notes From The Underground

'Notes From The Underground' is Hollywood Undead's third studio effort and the band is more cohesive than ever, delivering what is without a doubt their catchiest album yet. Scratch that, it's their best album yet and it's way too early to say it's an album of the year candidate but if the world ended this week we'd have a winner.


Masked maniacs Hollywood Undead have delivered on the promise that bandmember Charlie Scene personally informed me of when I asked him about the new album in an interview. Low and behold, they have brought the party tracks back and it…is….awesome.The band's last effort 'American Tragedy' was geared towards more brooding and haunting rock which worked well for the guys but I thoroughly missed the party songs that made Hollywood Undead's debut album so different than the rest of the scene.

When I say scene, I hate to use the phrase nu-metal, because that genre is dead. Hollywood Undead is pop metal. Yeah that sounds bad too… OK, imagine heavy guitars, hip hop lyrics, pop choruses and rock breakdowns. It sounds like a bad idea but in the hands of a unit like this, everything works out and 'Notes From The Underground' is exploding with an entertaining fury. 'Dead Bite', 'From The Ground' and 'Another Way Out' is a blistering way to kick off your record. If you want sex, 'Pigskin' delivers. If you want weed, 'Up in Smoke' delivers. But if you do miss the serious side of Hollywood Undead than look no further than album closer 'Outside' -- which is without a doubt one of the strongest songs the band has ever produced.

That's not even enough analysis. Let's get to the song 'Kill Everyone'. A year or two ago, this would have been a hit. Now… After all the recent mass killings, I will admit I was a little bit weary of a song that turns a killspree into a murder fantasy joyride but I won't let the psychopaths of this gun-riddled world ruin art for me. This song is great. It's catchy and dare I say one of the most fun tracks I've heard in years. Every member of Hollywood Undead shines on Notes From The Underground and I haven't had this much fun listening to a record in months. Talk about setting the bar high early for 2013. Hollywood Undead are kicking a staggering amount of ass -- Happy New Year!


1. "Dead Bite"
2. "From the Ground
3. "Another Way Out"
4. "Lion"
5. "We Are"
6. "Pigskin"
7. "Rain"
8. "Kill Everyone"
9. "Believe"
10. "Up in Smoke"
11. "Outside"

5 Stars