TV Review: AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM Episode 12, 'Continuum'

The second season of the popular horror series, created and produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, is scheduled to air it's season finale Wednesday January 23rd, exclusively on FX.


Set in 1964, American Horror Story: Asylum takes us into a Church-run haven for the criminally insane, ruled with an iron fist by Sister Jude (Jessica Lange), a nun with a troubled past. Inside this locked down facility, danger lurks around every corner. From Nazis and serial killers, to mutants and aliens, no one is safe inside these walls.



American Horror Story has gone completely off the rails as it winds down a frenetic and quite literally insane second season. After tying up an array of loose ends in rapid quickfire succession, we're now left with two episodes that seem to be dragging feet when it comes to the alien baby mama drama, Bloodyface Jr. and sister Jude being stuck in the Asylum. Jarring time jumps, unnecessary axe murder and strange hallucinations aren't adding up but that doesn't mean they weren't entertaining.

As much of a letdown as the story has become this season, the acting and drama is still so much fun to watch that I can't help myself. Most of the episode deals with Kit (Evan Peters) as he tries to keep a househould with two wives who were brought back from the dead by aliens along with newborn children. It's ridiculous but it's intriguing and it's a shame it led to such a brutal conclusion because it was done purely for shock value and added absolutely nothing to benefit the overall story. Now, as weak as the twists have been during these later episodes of 'Asylum', they are still very well acted and filmed so I'm torn because great performances keep sucking me in.

The fame turn from Lana (Sara Paulson) as she sells her book that describes her encounter with Bloodyface is both annoying and fun all the same. I'm now rooting for the son of Bloodyface (played to great effect by Dylan McDermott) to murder his mother. Yes, I'm rooting for a serial killer to murder his mother and I don't think I'm completely sick for that either. The story has shown a distinct character turn in Lana as she transforms from a clueless victim into a deceitful b****. So let's kill this chick – get your crackpipe and let's do this McDermott.

Sister Jude (Jessica Lange) is going nuts after being left behind to rot in the Asylum and things take an interesting turn when a new inmate shows up played by Frances Conroy. Yes, it's the angel of death and Jude rightfully freaks out thinking that she's come to take her out. I didn't understand any of this, but Conroy was fun to watch -- at one point even shanking some dude for no apparent reason. I have no idea what was going on and I'm even more confused at the time jump that Jude is unaware of but oh well – one more episode and they better explain this s*** or it'll end up killing what began as a really great season.

3 Stars

American Horror Story: Asylum stars Jessica Lange as “Sister Jude”, Sarah Paulson as “Lana Winters”, James Cromwell as “Dr. Arthur Arden,” Evan Peters as “Kit Walker,” Lily Rabe as “Sister Mary Eunice,” Lizzie Brocheré as “Grace,” Zachary Quinto as “Dr. Oliver Thredson,” and Joseph Fiennes as “Monsignor Timothy Howard.” Guest stars for the miniseries will include Frances Conroy, Chloe Sevigny, Adam Levine and Mark Consuelos. The series airs Wednesday nights exclusively on FX.