Music Review: BUCKCHERRY – Confessions

When a band has a music catalog already loaded with memorable tracks about excess – and they begin to record an album about the seven deadly sins than be prepared for even MORE sex, drugs and rock n' roll dammit. Buckcherry delivers in droves on their sixth studio effort 'Confessions'.


It's an intriguing concept to approach the seven deadly sins this way and Buckcherry pull it off without making any tracks feel forced. Lead singer Josh Todd has battled with many demons all his life and you can hear that pain right away with album starters 'Gluttony' and 'Wrath'. Those two songs by the way are the best cuts on 'Confessions' so be prepared to get to the point and get to it quickly. Todd sings about how he "drink(s) too much and "f***s too much" on 'Gluttony'. It's one hell of a memorable rock song that hearkens back to Buckcherry classics 'Lit Up' and 'Crazy Bitch'.

The band has managed to capture the extremely dark aspects of crafting a rock album surrounding the seven deadly sins without coming across as too moody and depressing. The lyrics are grim and appropriate considering the subject matter but the music is uplifting for the most part. So don't be surprised when you're headbanging to some seriously messed up s***. Todd is such a great frontman and one of the last great rock singers of this generation so I'm always happy when Buckcherry manages to create some memorable songs every couple years.

The album is best when it's cranked up and the speedier tracks do stand out a little more. There are slower cuts like 'The Truth' that manage to stop me from hitting the 'next' button but I will admit that 'Confessions' does a better job when the songs are amped up and the lighters are put away. It's too early to say if the songs will stick with me to the end of 2013 but it is a fun ride for however long it lasts….


1. "Gluttony"
2. "Wrath"
3. "Nothing Left But Tears"
4. "The Truth"
5. "Greed"
6. "Water"
7. "Seven Ways To Die"
8. "Air"
9. "Sloth"
10. "Pride"
11. "Envy"
12. "Lust"
13. "Dreamin' of You"

3.5 Stars