ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Samuel “Sho” Ho (Canada)

This week's Artist's Corner features an artist that continuously blurs the line between fine art and innovative commercial work, taking some of the most well known pop culture iconography and turning it into highly sought after collector's pieces.



Samuel “Sho” Ho is a professional designer/illustrator by trade but an artist at heart. Hailing from Canada he has had his hands in designing everything from fashion lines and diamond jewelry to furniture and athletic shoes. He learned his skills by working the designer circuit in Manhattan, New York, and was inspired to take up illustration from his Brooklyn roommates.

Sho has refused to pledge to just one discipline of art and design so he continues to take on multi-faceted projects. He has worked with clients such as Marvel, Hasbro, Sanrio, Puma USA and many more well known companies.


Click HERE to visit Sam's online portfolio to see a full display of his commissions, gallery exhibits and sale pieces. Here are a few examples of some of his more recent work:

  • ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Samuel “Sho” Ho (Canada)
  • ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Samuel “Sho” Ho (Canada)
  • ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Samuel “Sho” Ho (Canada)
  • ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Samuel “Sho” Ho (Canada)
  • ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Samuel “Sho” Ho (Canada)


The following prints are a few of Sam's pieces from recent gallery shows that are (or will soon be) available to buy. To see more artwork that's currently for sale visit his website via the link below.

"20 Seconds to Comply"

Inspired by Robocop
Giclée print on 300 gsm fine art paper
18 x 24 inches, Numbered edition of 30

Click HERE to purchase

"Three Laws"

Inspired by Forbidden Planet
Giclée print on 170 gsm fine art paper
12 x 29 inches

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Inspired by Breaking Bad
Matte print on short grain paper
22 x 28 inches, Numbered edition of 100

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Inspired by Alien
Giclee print on 270 gsm fine art paper
12 x 16 inches, Numbered edition of 20

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