EXCLUSIVE: Shane Harper Offers a Track-by-Track Break Down of His Debut Album

Most recognizable for his role as Spencer Walsh on the Disney Channel show Good Luck Charlie, Shane Harper released his self titled debut album this past April; here he provides his personal break down of the record.

shane harper cover.jpg

Shane Harper recently opened on tour for Miranda Cosgrove, Cody Simpson and Greyson Chance. His self titled record was released April 12, 2011, featuring the hit singles 'Dance With Me' and 'One Step Closer'. Harper gave the lowdown on the inspiration behind each song featured on his debut studio album:

One Step Closer

"This song I co-wrote with Ben Burgess and is about doing anything to get One Step Closer to the girl you want to be with."

When I Look Into Your Eyes

"This tune is a feel good love song that I wrote with Morgan Taylor Reid and C. Todd Nielsen."

I Know What I Know

"This song is an upbeat, dancey kind of a tune that I also wrote with Morgan Taylor Reid and C. Todd Nielsen; it's my first song ever to feature a rapper (Prophet)."

Wait For Me

"I actually wrote this song for fun with Zac Poor and Samantha Jade Gibbs while I was in the studio recording another song."



"This song was the product of the first writing session I ever had with Zac Poor and Christian Nilsson. "


"This is one of my favorites and is a song to jam out to in the car with the windows down. I co-wrote this song with Lindsey Bachelder and Paul Doucette. "


"This tune I co-wrote with Justin Gray. It is about being there for someone when they need you and being their Hideaway. "

Just Friends

"This is the first song I ever recorded when I was 15. "

Dance With Me

"Dance With Me is the first song I ever wrote when I was 15 years old. It is also the second song I ever recorded. "

Check out Shane Harper's official website HERE and purchase the album on iTunes HERE.