AMERICAN IDOL's James Durbin Talks New Album, Steven Tyler & Metal

Fresh from releasing his debut album, the American Idol runner-up revealed his thought process on writing the new songs, collaborating with Mötley Crüe's Mick Mars and Guns 'N Roses' DJ Ashba. Plus he reflects on his time with the reality show and how judge Steven Tyler was perhaps harder on him than other contestants.

James Durbin recently wed his longtime girlfriend Heidi Lowe over the holidays and revealed to Rolling Stone that his relationship with Heidi was one of the many inspirations behind his debut album 'Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster'. "I’m able to put loss and love into these songs. I’m madly in love," said Durbin. But the record also has a very dark vibe as the singer goes into his childhood to reveal the times he was bullied in his younger years.


"I was picked on throughout all of elementary school, middle school and high school. I was humiliated, pushed, beat up, spit on, called awful names that I would never repeat and I was able to channel that and put it into songs like 'Outcast,' 'Screaming' and 'Everything Burns.' And hopefully my fans and new fans will listen to those songs and get something greater out of it."

During his stint on American Idol, Durbin became notorious for his love of metal music, which until his appearance on the reality competition - had been mostly absent on the show. Durbin performed with Zakk Wylde and Judas Priest during his run on the air with Idol. "I just saw Black Label and Priest and I had these old f***ing crazy metal heads coming up to me, 'Dude, I never would’ve watched that f***ing show, but you were f***ing awesome, man,'" he said.

Although Durbin managed to snag Mötley Crüe's Mick Mars and Guns 'N Roses' DJ Ashba for his debut, he's already planning guests for his sophomore effort. Jared Leto, Steven Tyler and Marti Frederiksen are on the top of that list. Speaking of Tyler, who is now also a judge on Idol as well as fronting Aerosmith, Durbin mentioned that the singer didn't play favorites while he was on the show.

"I didn’t interact with [Steven] too much. People would think he would be biased to the rock people, but he was very unbiased and maybe gave me a harder time than anyone else."